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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Final Video Presentation


Remember when I did this video for Butterfly last year on her birthday? It made my parents cry. It made me cry. Still does. Since we don't have enough happy crying, I thought I'd make another one for Butterfly this year. I have finally finished it (ignoring the 400+ emails I have because I haven't checked my email in almost 3 weeks) and I hope you will like it. Turn on your speakers, get your tissues and maybe a drink. It's over 15 minutes long. I like it but would love your comments. And since last year I got a lot of questions asking about the songs I used, I put little credits in this time. Enjoy!

I just can't believe how much she has changed from this time last year. Her eyes have definitely changed color (watch that...very cool!) and she has learned to walk, talk, run, jump, give kisses, say NO!, and all the other stuff you learn in a year. We have also been ALL OVER. It looks like that is all we do, travel around. She has been to Gettysburg, Hawaii, Utah, California, Assateague, DC (several times), Annapolis (also, several times), Monticello, and the White House Easter Egg Roll. We stay busy here in our house.

Seriously, I can't believe that she is 2 going on 3. What happened to the tiny baby in the first slide show?


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  1. Love love love it! The second song made the tears flow! I can't believe Butterfly's two! Such a beautiful little girl and growing so fast! Happy Birthday Butterfly!


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