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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hey, I do have readers!


I'm so happy that you guys all left comments on delurk day. Thanks!

Things have been busy here. Mostly, I have been busily planting my 'bee hiney' (as Butterfly says) on the couch. I am sick with a horrible cough and my chest is on fire. Butterfly luckily hasn't come down with it. She woke up with a fever this morning but is fine now. I hope she doesn't get it because man, this sucks!

Of course, my parents are coming to stay for a week on Saturday and I have to get sick. Mom, Dad, sorry but the house is going to be a wreck when you come. I'm sure you will understand. We (meaning Juice and his great arms and organizational skills) will at least have all the boxes from the attic out of the room you are staying in. Probably.

It's nice to have family visit. Especially when I don't get to see really anyone else. That's the danger of living 3000 miles away. I miss all the fun stuff. But I also miss most of the not so fun stuff as well. So it's okay.

It has been over 90 degrees all weekend long. Gah, where is fall?! The humidity has been awful. We had to turn our air conditioner back on. The leaves are just drooping and browning. I doubt we'll see any great color this year. They say a cold front is pushing it's way through and should be here by Friday. We will see. Until then, I am HOT!

Let's see, all of my pictures are still on my camera. But just a mention that the PA renn faire was AWESOME. So much better and more family friendly than the MD one. We plan on returning next year and staying for 2 nights instead of one. We had a great time!

Butterfly is insisting I lay down on the couch because "you have a bad code!" So I'm off. More hopefully later!


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