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Thursday, October 25, 2007

On Vacation


So I got sick and then my parents came to visit and then I got sick again. It's been an exciting 3 weeks at our house. Juice is having a hard time getting all of his hours in at work because he is too busy taking care of me and my sick self. Butterfly is LOVING her Daddy time and barely notices that I'm conked out on the couch not doing anything. But Juice did have to go back to work eventually and she is getting a little frustrated that Mommy won't play. Mommy is just too sick. I hate this cough. And now, of course, she has it so she is up all hours of the night coughing. I just hope that Juice doesn't get it.

My parents' visit was a blast. My mom dropped her purse in the ocean which is huge and SO FUNNY! We also saw a few wild horses, (gotta love Assateague) enjoyed a lot of road food and a bunch of historical information in Jamestown and Yorktown. Lots and lots of fun! Pictures later during NaBloPoMo which starts next week. Look for a post every day from me!

Yesterday, I was laying on the couch and Butterfly came into the living room with a pizza box and a huge smile on her face. "Can I have pizza?" It was so cute and I wish I had my camera. Sadly, no pizza was eaten because we were having tacos for dinner. But it was still very cute.



  1. hooray for NaNoBloMo! I like seeing posts from you!

    I wonder, do pictures count? I might join in this time.

  2. Do join! It's a good exersize. And yes, pictures do count. :)

  3. Sorry you've been so sick. :( My cough lasted almost a month...horray that's over! Glad you enjoyed time with your family, though.


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