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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Butterfly's 3 Year Old Update


I think I am sleep deprived because I'm not sure if I updated you on Butterfly's 3 year old stats. Probably not since they came almost a month later. When she turned 2, we were in Disneyland and I didn't get home until a month later. The peditrician's office wouldn't schedule something within the calander year because insurance doesn't always pay for it. So we went around June 3rd.

Butterfly is a big girl. She is as big as a 5 year old. Seriously. She is 45 lbs and 47 inches. (I can't find my little book they wrote it down in so we're going by my seriously lacking sleepless brain here.) She wears size 4-5 clothes, no more in the toddler sizes! She also wears a size 10 toddler shoe. I think this fall I will probably have to buy her regular kid shoes because she is so big. She is going to be so tall!

She has a memory like a steel trap and cries if she remembers something that we didn't do. She is also throwing tantrums if something happens that isn't in her time line. Like today, Flower went up to Butterfly's room to get the ponies. Butterfly played down here for a few minutes, and then went to go up to get something. On the way up, she met Flower coming down with the ponies. Apparently that was not in order and she broke down and cried. Arg...it's so frustrating sometimes.

I love that she loves to play so much. I love that she is a great eater and I never worry if she's getting enough. I love that she only wants Pirate to sit next to her in the van. I love that she is so active and so loving.

Here is her 3 year old slide show. It's pretty long so I understand if only my parents watch it. :) Enjoy Mom and Dad!



  1. The butterfly song is so perfect! I've never heard it before or the hot dog one! I didn't know Butterfly could read whole books. Have you tried her on Runny Babbitt by Shel? lol

  2. Yes, Butterfly is a big girl...and a very loving fun girl. We love her, too! Thanks for sharing her stats.

  3. Forget as big as a 5 yr old! Jr. is 50lbs, 48.75 inches and she'll be 7 in October. George loved dancing to the computer girl movie and in your sleep deprived state did you mean to use her real name? She's getting so big!

  4. Aidan sat intently for the first 12 minutes. It was funny. She is a big girl! And all grown up too. Hope you guys are doing well.

  5. Yes I did mean to use her real name because we actually get hard copies of this to keep for ever and ever...until dvds go out of style. :)

  6. Yes! Shes so cute! i was LOVING her hair on Sunday too BTW... I meant to tell you that and then i never saw you. I cant imagine why shes going to be SOOOOOOOO tall!!! ;) ahhhh... JK!


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