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Saturday, June 07, 2008

What a Week


It's been a whirlwind week for us. My parents have been visiting all week and left to go home this afternoon. This has also been a week-of-serious-car-buying. Yes, you read right. We are buying a car. Bought. Van. We bought a van on Tuesday. Okay so it wasn't a week of car buying. Only two days of it. It felt like a week though. My dad and I furiously rushed around the local car places in hour and a half increments throughout the days. That was as long as the boys could go between feedings. I felt bad for my mom and Flower the last day because both boys were inconsolable towards the end. They did very good and allowed us to find a great car. Van. I mean van.

Butterfly wants to name the van Sally or Lightning McQueen. "Or we could call it Chick because it's green! And Chick is green!" Our van is green. I'm leaning towards calling the van Fern but Butterfly won't let me. Anyway, for all you car people, the van is a 2004 Kia Sedona with 14,000 miles on it. The miles were right. The size was a bit small but we can fit all the kids and us in it plus one. It does have a dvd player in it. The price was excellent. We were able to buy it out right. I love not having a car payment!

I also love having doors that slide so I don't have to worry about hitting other cars with them. I love being able to unlock the doors from a key chain. (A funny story about that. Our friend Julien came to visit about a month ago and said he needed to check if he locked the doors of his rental car. He walked outside, took about 5 steps, and walked back inside. Juice asked him if he could see from there if it was locked or if he had a cool key chain thing. Julien said, "Juice, everyone but you has a cool key chain thing." It was so true. And now we have one! Sweet!) I love that I can fit my strollers in the back (although I do have to take the wheels off). And I love that now we can actually go somewhere with everyone, including Flower. Yay for space!

So, all day Monday and Tuesday I spent driving cars. Wednesday we drove to the mall and got the kids' pictures taken. (Super cute, email me for the password if you want to see.) And then we spent 3 hours trying to get home. There was a huge storm (go here for a video of it). It downed trees all over the area. And of course, we were trying to get home through the back roads. Which had more downed trees and downed power lines. We had to stop twice to feed the babies. (Once in front of our bishop's house where a tree had smashed a car and their roof! No one got hurt thank goodness.) I had been in touch with Juice and we still had power but a lot of people didn't in the area. It was nice to finally get home.

On Friday, our good friends who moved away to St. Louis, came to visit. We had a great time with them! And it just confirmed to me that boys will never grow up because Juice and Juilen spent the morning shooting each other with foam guns and missiles. Never mind that the kids wanted to play too! I really miss them and it was fun to have a morning to connect again.

I feel like we have been moving all day, every day. Add on to that taking care of the twins and Butterfly (could not have been done without Flower!), I am exhausted. But this is just the beginning of summer for me. And I love it!


PS- All local gals, we are invited to swim at the bishop's kiddie pool on Tuesday at 10am! Hope to see you there.


  1. Yeah for the new car!! I'm glad you found something relatively fast. What a crazy day on Wednesday! We were walking home.....and then we came home to find the power out....for over 20 hours. It was a wild week.

    Hey--I remember the car remote story--I was there for that!

  2. Aww just let the cute girl name the car, we have Bunso after all! I'm so glad you have something bigger. Did Juice get to keep the little car? I'm very jealous about the remote my car doesn't have one! My husband did all the shopping while I was glued to a chair. I'm glad you weathered the storm well. Have fun!

  3. Hooray! A new car...uh VAN! I love my van. It comes in handy more than you know. Good luck picking a name.

  4. Yeah for the new van!! I can't imagine how you get everyuthing done. I would love to see the pixs -- so I hope I'll get the password ;)

  5. COngrats on the new car!!! Ive been waiting for pictures of it! Awesome!!! Way to move into the world of keyless entry!!! haha! Youre so funny!!


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