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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 Naps?


Butterfly has a cold. It's a small cold. There is not snot everywhere. She sounds a little stuffy but is pretty happy most of the time. She fell asleep in the car this morning and stayed there for over an hour while I tossed balls for my dog and Babysitting place's dog in the front yard to keep an eye on her. (I am dog sitting for a week. Can I just say that I never ever want a German Shepard? They are pretty, but I love being able to pick up Soot when she is being bad.)

We took a trip to the mall to scout out some clothes for her. The weather has dropped to the mid-70s and while that's not cold, it is when you've been having mid-90s for 3 or 4 weeks. I put her in a pair of pants from last year that were a little too big. The length is just right. The waist...not so much. I took her to a few different places in the mall and found that her length is right around a 2T but she would be more comfortable in a 3T. So I will buy 3Ts this time around and she can have some growing room.

After a jaunt at the kiddy play area and some lunch, we came home. She peed on the potty again (yay! And a purple jelly bean today!) and is now up in her bedroom. I don't know if she's sleeping yet but it's very quiet up there. Poor thing...she must be sick!

On a side note, does anyone know how to get purple berry stains out of clothes? Babysitting Place has a huge tree that drops these little purple berries all over and their dog has jumped on me twice with purple stained paws. I am highly annoyed. I have also tried numerous stain removers, soaking, not soaking, hot water, warm water, color safe bleach, etc. Help!



  1. Feel better soon Butterfly! Yahoo for going on the potty. No idea about the berry stains!

  2. Did you try boiling water for the berry stains?

  3. I second the boiling water. It's amazing on berries and grape juice/wine stains.


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