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Monday, August 20, 2007



Here is a picture of the lions I talked about when we went to the county fair. Can you guess which one is mine and which is Butterfly's? Really? I think they look so similar! Good thing I keep mine in a drawer or we would be so confused all the time with two lions hanging around.

The other day I was making chicken salad for a bbq we went to at our friends house. They tell us that we are not allowed in the house unless we have this salad in tow. (Juice says not to worry because they have the bbq outside so it's an empty threat.) Well, it's an overnight salad to make. So the night before, we start cooking the chicken and boiling the pasta that goes in it. Pasta gets done but the chicken still has a ways to go. So I ask Juice to drain the pasta for me. He does and we go back to watching something. About 10 minutes later, I wonder if the chicken is burning. Then I think, "Nah, it's probably just the oil I'm cooking it in. I was rather free when pouring it into the baking pan." But then the smell started to get sour and I asked Juice if he smelled something burning. Why, yes he did! He goes to investigate and says oh no! I run into the kitchen to find my recipe scorched to unreadability. Apparently Juice walking out of the kitchen after dumping the noodles created enough wind to blow the recipe onto the hot burner.

Luckily my mom was home and she was able to email me a new recipe so I could finish the salad. Thanks Mom! You saved me from being banished outside during the bbq. :)


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  1. If this salad is good enough to be a requirement for a party, then I think you need to post the recipe!!!!! When you get a chance... :o)


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