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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I just spent 5000 dollars.


You heard me right. I just spent 5,000 dollars in one day. Yes, one day. Doing what, you may ask? Well, it's pretty big. No, it's not a new car. (It was my car money I spent, but I didn't spend it on the new car.) No, not a new boat or house or whatnot...we are far to practical for that. It's a new roof.

See, I started noticing small black streaks on our roof and thought, "Great. We are going to have to put a new roof on this house." So I started saving. And boy did I save! And boy did I watch our roof deteriorate. Soon those little black streaks were big black swathes and I could see some of the shingles starting to pull up. So I had someone come out and look at it in Feb. He agreed that it probably needed to be done, gave me a number and told me to call. I never did. I never got around to it.

But when we were at the county fair I signed up for a free roof estimate. They came, they saw, they confirmed what a shabby house we bought. There is extensive rotting in the attic, mold and mushrooms growing on our roof, and a few small holes in the caulk that you can see into our attic from outside. Great. There are also 3 layers of shingles up there. And since the drainage is poor, the water seeps under the first layer and swells the second and third layer. Which is buckling our roof. And you can see that from the ground.

After a lot of talking, looking at pictures, going over shingle samples and the dangers of hiring a bad contractor, we bit the bullet. I liked this company. I liked that they were professional and a family owned business. I like that they can take away our 3 useless roofs and put in a nice, new, 25 year warranty roof. I like that they have huge amounts of insurance for their workers and any damage they may do to the building. I liked the sale guy. He was willing to work with our budget and has already emailed me with a few color options (even though we spoke yesterday!).

Whoever buys our house will be getting a bargain. We have updated the following: power (it's called a heavy up), furnace (ours died Christmas week when I was pregnant with Butterfly. The repair guy called the company and they said they haven't made that model for over 30 years. Time for a new one!), doors and windows, new paint, and all new light fixtures. We've also had a new phone line put it. So the guts of the house will be redone. Now they can take care of the old outdated kitchen and baths. I'm almost done!


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