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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not again!


We seem to be infected with Ed's little sister, Edwina. It's not as bad as Ed, but still bad. I am hacking up another lung and Butterfly is investing in some serious snot. She also has a fever this morning.

But yesterday...oh yesterday. She would not go to sleep for her nap. Normally I just let her cry it out since she goes to sleep a few minutes after crying. Not so yesterday. And she sounded funny. So I got her out of bed, took her downstairs with me and snuggled for a second on the couch. She is still sobbing a little and hiccoughing. She put her head on my shoulder, coughed really hard, and puked all down the front of my shirt. Which made her cry harder, and then cough harder, and then puke harder. Again all down the front of me. Great. All I'm thinking is it's a good thing she didn't puke on the couch or on the mail I have spread all over the couch. So as I'm trying to stand up without dropping the puke, she starts gaging again and coughed up a huge wad of phlegm. That seemed to be the turning point, and she only puked 2 more times (yes, both on me...what is with toddlers and puking on their parent?!) and started to feel a little better. After I cleaned myself up, her up, and snuggled her a little to make her feel better, Daddy came home and all was forgotten. On her part. I had had it. I went to bed at 5:30pm.

Of course, that meant I woke up at around 11pm when Juice came to bed and we sat up all night talking about the first time we met and deciding to get married, etc. But that's a post that's brewing for later. I will say that the end of this month will mark 13 years of knowing Juice for me, half my life.

Butterfly of course woke up super early today, refuses to eat anything, and I am feeling really groggy. We may have a day of movies ahead of us.



  1. Hey do you have any Barbie movies? Maybe I'll get them for Butterfly for Christmas. :)You can keep them for days like these.

  2. Nope, no Barbie movies here. She's all about the animals...a girl that could care less about princesses. Go figure!


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