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Friday, December 14, 2007

What to say...


I have a secret that I've been dying to tell. It's been months now and I have been very good to not even allude to it on here. I didn't want people who read this to guess and spill the beans before I was able to tell people in person (Hi Nana and Grandpa!). Well, I guess over the phone is as in person as I'm going to get these days. Kudos to people who knew who said nothing until I was ready. Thanks!

Sorry, I digress. It seems like because I've kept this secret for so long, I can't bring myself to talk about it. I had planned on writing and posting this yesterday, but I couldn't. I have put this mental block up so long that I am nervous for no reason about talking about it. Really, it's time to start talking about it. Better to say now than in a few months when the secret has to come out. Literally, this secret can be kept in for only so long. Look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

Did everyone notice the typing on the pictures too? No? Let me bring your attention to that as well. I know it's a little fuzzy. Take your time. I'll wait.

Yes, it's true. A and B. Doctors don't put that type of writing on ultrasounds unless there are 2 babies. So what kind of babies are in there you ask? Let me tell you what new big sister has been saying. Butterfly has been going around patting my stomach for a few days saying, "My budders, my budders." And true to boys, they spend a lot of their days kicking each other in the head. Or so they keep doing so on the many ultrasounds I've had.

I am 19 weeks, so almost half way. This pregnancy has been different. Rough. Not like Butterfly's pregnancy when I puked the entire time. But it has been fraught with spotting early, exhaustion, and food aversion. My doctor said that these babies are sponges and will take what they need from me with no regard to my body's needs. So they have been trying to help me eat anything at all. I have to take a small extra vitamin. I am a lot bigger (duh, 2 people!) and I am already feeling some of the normal 3rd trimester complaints with hateful heartburn and hip pain. I also hate maternity clothes. That's all I'm going to say about that.

So, everyone give a nice welcome to our new little boys, A and B. They have names, but nothing we're going to say on here in keeping with my rule of no names on the blog. They do actually have online names already (hard to pick out 2 nice names, let alone 2 more online names!) but I won't use them until they are born, since the A and B thing seems to be temporary. Where they are is also temporary. I am expecting their birth around early to mid-April. They are due on Butterfly's birthday but twins are always early.

Okay, I think I've caught you up on everything. It's nice to have this out in the open. Now that I've spilled the beans, I feel a little better. Not nervous any more. Well, not about saying anything. I am a little nervous to go from 1 to 3 and have 3 under 3 for awhile. But that's another post for another day.



  1. Julia1:21 PM

    HOLY CRAP! That's awesome! I had a feeling, though... I have been praying and praying for you, so this is fantastic! They look healthy and even though your life is being sucked away, it's SO worth it!

    Oh, I wish I could give you a huge hug in person!

  2. Yeah!! Yeah!! Teah!!! Double congrats once again!! You are going to be an awsome mom to 3 under 3!! ;)

  3. That's FREAKING AWESOME!! I swear, every day when I check your blog I have just been waiting for a new pregnancy announcement but was never expecting this!! I am just over the moon happy for you and wish you the very best rest of this pregnancy possible. Congrats!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I was looking and let out a little yelp when I saw the writing on the sonograms. So happy for you!

    --Amanda C.

  5. We are SOOOO proud of you! It's nice to be able to tell people now. I think I will provide an online nickname for Blondie's Bro. How does Curly sound? The other one can be Straight. Anyway....we are catching Curly fast! Go team!

  6. YAY!!!!! Boys!!!! We knew it all along! Glad to hear that you and baby A and B are doing well, and that Butterfly is excited about her new "Budders"!

  7. Congratulations! I mentioned to P the other day that I thought you might be pregnant! And the A and B thing is just crazy! Tell Juice and Butterfly that we're really happy for you all.

  8. Anonymous7:19 PM

    WOW! What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. :-)

  9. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Wow! Huge congrats!

    Miss X

  10. Thanks everyone!


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