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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nap 2, Kids 1


Juice calls me foolhardy. Strangers call me brave. I'm not sure who to believe. The past couple of days I've had to go on a few errands. And while that might not seem like a big deal, it really is a big deal. Yesterday was the kid concert that my town puts on. I typically go and it's really no big deal to go sit on the grass and listen to teen aged girls bop around the stage. It's especially no big deal when friends come because Butterfly plays with them and I can focus on the boys. And the friends' moms help hold babies. But this time no one came. And while I'm okay taking care of everyone at home by myself, being out in public is another story.

(An aside...a mom with toddler twins sat down next to me and commented how cute my boys were and how she never wants to go back to those days. I told her I took that to mean that things will get better. She said I should already know, I already had one. But really, I loved Butterfly's babyhood. I didn't want it to get better because I thought it was the best it could already be. But it did get better. Anyway, another twin mom came up and sat with us too. She also said the boys were cute and that she never wanted to go back to her boys being so tiny. While we were at the vet, yet another twin mom commented on my boys and how she did not want to go back to hers being so small. I am noticing a trend here. Seriously, is this that bad? Granted, without my help I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. And I hate that I am feeling overwhelmed because I hate that I am not enjoying this as much as I enjoyed Butterfly's babyhood. And I know that every child is different and every situation is different, blah blah blah. But I guess I was hoping for a happy time with the boys and all I see right now is bouncing from one to the other. With Butterfly, when she napped I was able to hold her and just stare at her. I felt like I knew her inside out and each little tiny change I was on top of. But the boys are changing so much and I feel like I am missing tons. I feel like the current is sweeping me down the river instead of me paddling down it. And it's sweeping faster than I want it to.)

Totally random aside there. No idea where that all came from but there it is and I don't want to delete it so...there it is.

I was going to have a cute post about how I had 2 kids napping at the same time today and only one up (and crying...Professor is one needy baby) but I can't remember what I was going to say. We did take Soot to the vet after the concert and that was an adventure. But she is healthy and has all of her shots.

And now I can't think about where I was going with this entry because I am currently holed up in the bathroom to get a little bit of privacy to write and I smell smoke which means my dinner is probably burning. Sigh...

Anyone want to join the Disney Vacation Club with me? Because I so totally want to. Going to the happiest place on earth right now sounds...well...seriously stressful. Never mind. Gotta go save dinner.



  1. need to rant a little bit ;)? I'm sorry you're being carried away by the baby current, take lots of pictures and you'll always be able to see the changes!

  2. I'm just impressed that you actually had dinner going! That's more than I can say for the past, well, month or more maybe! You're doing a fantastic job with your boys. Just documenting all that you have, you'll be able to look back, and practically relive this time (not that you'll want to --according to the other moms!). It'll be fun to look back, and see how amazing you were, and how much you really did enjoy it.

  3. How refreshing that it's not just me and I don't even have twins!! Seriously you are doing a great job. I feel the same way that sometimes I am just missing out on things, since I have more to do with more kids. I used to sit and read to Ry, and now I don't get as much one on one time with the youngest. We still read, but not one on one.... you do so much, you are simply amazing!!!!


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