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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trip Planning


Me and the kids are going to Utah in a few short weeks. Yes, me and all 3 kids. We are staying a month. I am 2 parts excited and about 10 parts nervous. Mostly I'm nervous for the flight home. Because the flight to Utah we will be accompanied by my aunt, my uncle, and their two kids who are 15 and 13 (I think...). We will have lots of hands to pass babies and Butterfly around to. It's the flight home with just me and the kids and Juice. I'm glad he is coming (after a week or so in Colorado for training) to take us home because the airline won't let me fly with two infants and a toddler. I asked.

One thing that has been eating at my brain lately has been what to bring. Seriously, I never want to fly to my mom's house again because just the sheer volume of stuff I have to pack into two bags is overwhelming. I'm hating that the airlines are now charging for a second checked bag. So now 4 people's things need to be stuffed into two bags. Stress!

Things I have to bring for Butterfly include a potty seat (she really won't sit on the big seats unless there is something there...luckily I have a portable one which means I should probably port along some Clorox wipes), clothes, shoes, dresses, toys, books, pull ups, etc. She is worried that Nana's house will not have toys. I've decided to let her play with my old ponies if I can find them in the garage.

For the boys, they are a little easier to travel, only because people are so nice in letting us borrow things. My only big stress right now is one car seat. I really don't want to take our car seats since I've seen the pieces they can come back in. So my best friend is letting me use her infant seat...I just need to borrow one more or buy one on Craig's list or something. I just need it for a month or so.

I refuse to take my awesome Bob stroller with me on the plane. Because seriously, that thing cost me close to 700 dollars and I refuse to give it to the baggage people. So we are taking one umbrella stroller and some stroller connectors and my mom has another umbrella stroller. Butterfly has graduated to walking for this trip. We're going to be going slow.

I am so excited to meet my brand new nieces Angel and Seraph, nephew Cappy, visit temple square to show Butterfly the temple, go fishing and participate in my mom's first "cousin camp", have quality girl time with my best friend, visit visit visit, see my family and Juice's family and Flower, show off my cute sweet boys, see all my Maryland friends who are going to be in Utah the same time (it's so weird how many of them there are!), have a birthday party at my mom's house with all my friends like I used to in high school, play my brother's wii and totally beat him, er, rock at rock band, and just enjoy being in Utah. Each time I talk to my mom there are so many more things I want to do. It's a good thing I'm going to be there for a month!

It's going to be great. Now to go write out my packing list....



  1. Can I be one of those "High School" friends that gets to come over for your birthday?

    You DO have new family members to meet, after all!

  2. Just take enough pull ups to get you to Utah, you'll be there a month you're gonna have to buy more and not to be pessimistic she'll still need them when you get home. It makes sense about the airline...two babies one lap. It doesn't make sense about charging you-that blows. :( Sounds like you'll be having tons of fun!

  3. We HAVE to get together!! If your trip isn't all planned out already. I really need to see your cute little ones in person. Yes, it's a need. :)

  4. My advice-take it for what it is as I only have one child but have flown a lot with him- take enough diapers, wipes, etc to get you through a full day. You can buy more there but have enough in case you get stranded. I learned that the hard way with a 3mo old. There are travel potty seats that are thin and fold together flat. Maybe a help with butterfly. Maybe look into shipping some stuff instead of checking it at the airport. Lots of people are doing that nowadays. Good luck. I know how hard it can be.

  5. Maybe you could sneak some items in your aunt and uncles' bags. Then on the way home you'll have juice with you, so you'll have 3 free bags to check, and another available carry-on. Does butterfly have a rolling backpack that she can use to carry her own entertainment for the airplane?

  6. oooh, now I'm in the area, so I hope we can find some time to see you and the kids! You, me, and Michelle should all get together. :)

  7. I'm stressed for you just thinking about packing and traveling with 3 kids!! That'll be tons of fun to spend the month with family and friends though! I'm sure it'll be nice to have lots of help! Good luck preparing for your trip! :)

  8. Oi! That's a lot of stuffing! Airlines stink. Big oil stinks even more.

    I'm glad that you're going for long enough to make all of this worthwhile! Plus, meeting new babies! Yum!

  9. You are a brave woman! I am so excited to see you and your 3 cute ones. I know that we'll have a fam party at Nana's, but call me and maybe we could do something fun. I have lots of ideas. Let me know. I know that you'll be busy and have lots of people to see, so I understand if things get too booked.


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