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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Teddy Bear Picnic


Here I am, being all crazy again. I took Butterfly and the boys on a teddy bear picnic/train ride today. I wasn't too crazy because I had my mom's group to help. What a fun group of girls and little girls we have. (Oh, and boys too...but they are tiny.) They were very helpful in carting around a baby for me. And I drove like the dickens to get there on time. The town had these little hills in the road and every time I went over one Butterfly would yell "wheeee!" But I made it on time! I was even impressed by myself.

I unbuckled Butterfly in record time and the whole time I'm telling her she needs to be fast and do just what I say when I say it. She jumped out of the car, looked over at the train and yelled, "My Friends!" It was so cute. 2 moms came and got my boys so I could run and buy tickets and they left as soon as we got on.

They took us on a very old train about 2 miles out on the track, and then back down the same track to the local playground. The playground was cute. Very big, quiet, and had lots of old playground equipment that wasn't plastic and 'safe'. Butterfly rode on those little merry go rounds with all the big kids. They got it going so fast they flung her off (she was sitting on the edge) but she hopped right up and wanted to get right back on. Brave! I like that it seemed kind of secluded and I felt like I could let Butterfly just have the run of the area. I took the 4 girls to the park and the rest of the moms watch my boys and it was a nice break for us all I think. Besides, I get to play with Butterfly which I don't get to do often.

They also told the story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. All the kids had stuffed bears with them. Butterfly and the boys had the same bear that we got at my old work's kid party. We ate lunch at the park and had a generally good time.

They gave her a tootsie pop at the end of the train ride (seriously, do the kids need candy?!) and she ate it on the way home. And by the time we got home, she had stuck the grime of the park to herself in a sticky slobbery mess. Her mouth, chin, neck, hair and hands were black. So into the bath we go.

She did not get a nap today and was very contrary this afternoon. Finally I gave up, put in a movie and just tried to deal with the boys who were angels on the train and only wanted to eat at home. Pirate was the cutest on the train. He was grabbing his bear, looking at it, jabbering to it, and then munching on it soundly. He'd make a face, pull it back to look at it, jabber, and munch. SO CUTE.

And Professor has got a shy little smile that just melts my heart. Looks like he has the same dimple that Butterfly has (though not as deep) and it shows up when he's happy. I am reminded of Butterfly when she was a baby how we used to do everything we could to see her dimple. I love to see it in both of them.


PS- Everyone like my new sidebar pictures?


  1. Teddy Bear Picnic, how fun. It sounds like a great day. Have you ever heard the song teddy bear picnic? Darling. And, yes I like the new side bar pics. btw i posted pics on the post about baby lincoln that weren't there before. Great to hear from you!

  2. Love the new pics. Very cool. The train ride and picnic sounded like a blast. Aidan would've dug it. Once again, you are a brave brave woman. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, despite the rushing to get there!


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