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Friday, July 04, 2008

Fun Times


Flower went home yesterday and I am so sad. When Juice took her to the airport, I realized just how much help it was to have someone around. All I really need is someone to hold a fussy baby or help Butterfly find a toy while I've got someone eating. It really is a huge help just to have an extra set of hands willing to entertain small people around here. I've got about 3 weeks before my cousin comes so wish me luck.

The other reason why I'm sad is because having her here gives me an excuse to play tourist. I love living in this area with so much to do all the time. We have been here almost 5 years now and still haven't seen everything. There are a ton of things that I have seen 80 gazillion times though *cough*airandspacemuseamjuice*cough* and I do not wish to see them again. Right now I'm into very kid friendly things to do in the area. I did not like going to Monticello and being told that my child was too loud.

Butterfly is an amazing traveler. She loves to eat at restaurants and is mostly beautifully behaved. She walks a lot, is interested in things, and is generally pleasant even without her nap. The boys are actually turning out to be fairly easy travelers as well. This is good because we are flying to Utah in a few weeks and I'm pretty terrified of the flight there. The only thing I have to watch out for with them is that they actually eat and eat enough. It also leads me to nurse them in different places, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Metro, a blueberry field, watching dolphins and then watching sting rays, sitting with my feet in the ocean and in the front seat of our new van.

So, a list of things we did with Flower:
Kiddie Pool, Sandy Point Beach, monuments, Smithsonian, Baltimore Aquarium, ice cream, blueberry picking, Annapolis, mall (not the one down town, a mall with stores), the Amish Market, baby doctor visits, the movies (we went to see Wall-E...so cute!), a few kid concerts, Youth Conference with my church, the resource center, and the farmer's market. We've had a busy month with her! I loved it and I miss her already even though she hasn't even been gone 24 hours.

She was fun to talk to when we got lost in Baltimore when we went to the aquarium. She was fun to talk to when we got lost going to the mall. (Okay, I'm getting lost a lot these days!) She was a huge help in carting the boys around the aquarium, and running around with Butterfly when I had to stop and feed them. She was just a huge help all around.

Thanks again for coming!



  1. You are lucky to have someone to help like that!

  2. Im sorry Catherine! Thats so sad. I think were going to miss her in YW too!!! Our girls are droppin like flies! COME BACK!!!

  3. Jill, I know!

    Lis, don't worry, you'll have my 15 year old cousin for a few weeks too. But all these girls are leaving! *sob*

  4. Anonymous11:52 PM

    You and J are doing an exceptional job and you look great! Think how much your life has changed. The Pirate and the Professor are healthy and happy. Thanks for sending pictures. Anne

  5. That is nice that you have had a helper. I know that it will be touch since she won't be there, but you are amazing (just three weeks) I would offer to come and help you too, but I have 2 kids and that just might be more chaos. :) Can't wait to see you. You will have to call me and let me know the exact dates that you are coming.


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