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Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Busy Busy


Sorry for the small amount of posts lately. We've been really busy and with the boys getting older, they are demanding more attention. At night, when I normally do post, we've been trying to de-clutter and clean our house. We've cleaned half of our room and the corner in front of pantry so far and thrown away 2 big garbage bags of junk (pack rats should never live in a small house) and made about 20 trips to the attic with stuff. Our goal is to de-junk by mid-November so that we can start inviting people over to play games. Juice is feeling social (weird, I know! I was shocked too) and this is the activity he chose. I told him that was fine as long as we cleaned the house really good. So here we are.

Every night we seem to have something going on.
Monday: FHE
Tuesday: Cleaning night
Wednesday: Game night/book club
Thursday: Church activity night
Friday: Date night
Saturday: Crash and Burn night
Sunday: Go to bed early night

This week along with all the above stuff, I think I have a mom's night out and Halloween to do.

No worries, though. November is coming. Remember November? The month I post every single day? Yeah, it starts Saturday! I have a lot of things that we've been doing out of the house to talk about. And a bunch of pictures to post. This year I'd like my Nablopomo to be a little more organized so I'm saving a few things to do.

Plus, I'm trying to get Christmas all set. I seem to have lost my little address book (Butterfly loves to look at it because it's small and 'just my size mommy!' Sadly, it's also just the size to be lost and I can't find it anywhere). So I'm trying to gather addresses and figuring out who wants cards this year and who doesn't. If you'd like a card, email me at safirecat [at] gmail [dot] com with your address.

I hear the boys crying so I better go.


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  1. I can't believe it's November again! Last year I was considering joining you in the post-a-day thing....so I think I might go for it! I was also considering joining another friend in 100 days of photos....so I might combine the 2. :) See you soon!


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