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Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh the Chocolate!


Guess where we went today? HERSHEY!! Yum yum. I bought a case of 1 lb chocolate bars. Normally I'm not a huge chocolate fan but lately (okay, ever since I couldn't have it!) I've been interested in it. Chocolate world was cool. This was my second time here but Butterfly's first. She was entranced by the little ride with the singing cows. My dad was trying hard not to puke out the side for the corniness of it. She had a great time and now our little fridge is packed with chocolate. Yum!

Butterfly also "made" a little box of kisses which she loved doing. I have pictures, but they are on my camera still.

We also stopped by my mom's old house that she lived in when she was a few months old till she was about 2. We've been here before (last year actually) and so I just sat in the car and fed boys. Mom remembers nothing of the house, except maybe a vague impression of the little alley way next to the house.

We then went back to the hotel to say hello to Juice. Welcome to PA Juice! Butterfly was so excited to see her daddy that she just wanted to stay with him. Since he was not interested in our next outing, she stayed at the hotel with him. And since she was staying, I fed the boys and left them with him too. My dad decided to take a little break too so they all stayed home and my Mom and I drove to Bird-in-Hand, PA.

This is kind of a big Amish community. It was very cool! We didn't have enough time here (a phone call about 10 minutes into the town with a screaming boy in the back ground) but we did stop at a farm and bought home made root beer and saw them driving buggies up and down the main street. That part was cool because the side of the road was rutted from all of the buggies up and down the street. I want to go back and stay in the little inn that was on the main street with chairs in the front lawn so I can sit and watch them go back and forth all day. I'm not all that interested in the Amish, but their HORSES! :)



  1. gotta love the Amish! I cannot believe all you do and have done with three under the age of 4! how do you do it??? how many times at night do you get up to feed the boys? then you're off sight seeing in the am! AMAZING!

  2. Your day reminds me of what we did with MY mom last year. Hershey is a great place for kids. Chocolate....YUM! And even a quick drive thru Amish country just leaves you with a warm feeling, doesn't it? Glad J was able to meet up with you! I'm sure it feels great to have him along.


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