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Thursday, October 09, 2008



My feet are sore. My kids are knocked out. My head hurts just a little bit. I must have been sightseeing today! We were off to Philly today. What an interesting city! Our first stop was the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We had to stop and get food for us and the boys right when we got there. Butterfly dropped most of her lunch on the ground and we were asked about 3 times about the boys.

We toured Independence Hall. Which meant that my mom listened to the lecture and my dad and I and the kids wandered around and tried to keep Butterfly out of trouble. That girl has boundless energy! We took some kind of cool pictures (still no pictures at the moment...too tired) and enjoyed the square outside some.

By the time we got to the Liberty Bell, Butterfly had had enough. She was just so busy. Maybe I had had enough. I'm not sure. In any case, my dad took some pictures of us in front of the bell and we moved on to another nursing session while Butterfly and my dad ran and ran and ran.

We then decided to walk to to Penn's Landing (where Lord Penn landed, and why Pennsylvania is named what it is) and that was probably not the best choice. It was a long walk for a look at the river. We saw New Jersey. We were also stopped by one very large, very drunk women who tried to touch my boys! I don't mind people looking at them and asking questions, but touching is a no no.

We then walked the long walk back towards our car to find dinner. Dad wanted a cheese steak but did you know that most things close at 5pm downtown? No? Neither did we. So we wandered around trying to find something. And then we were looking for anything but could not find anything.

We lost our car. We couldn't remember where we parked it. We had to ask a police woman if she knew where One Independence Hall was because that's what the building said. She didn't, but suggested we look on our parking ticket for the address. Duh...we had it! She pointed us in the right direction.

One car later, we tried to look for a cheese steak place beyond the Independence Hall area. We found Broad Street, and drove down the Avenue of the Arts in Philly. Cool to see all sorts of art things while we were on the look out for a cheese steak. No such luck. Market Street maybe? Nope. Sigh...we gave up and headed back to the hotel.

We stopped off to feed the boys about 10 minutes later and eat. They screamed when we put them back in their car seats. Maybe too much time in them? We made it back to the hotel in one piece and were in bed a little earlier today than yesterday.

Juice comes up tomorrow. Yay!



  1. Philly is a cool city -- there is an awsome Chees streak place near the Italian market, well so I have been told since just the idea of a cheese streak makes my stomach turn -- my brother lived in downtown Philly for 6 years and knows the area well. Enjoy your sightseeing!

  2. I don't know how you do it. I get overwhelmed thinking about how I'll go to the grocery store with two someday, let alone road trip to another state with 3???? You need a day named in your honor. Hope you are having a good time and find a cheesestake for your dad.


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