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Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I think something is wrong with blogger because it will not let me load any pictures up. So I thought, hey, I'll just make myself a little slide show of my pictures! It'll be cute!

So I did. Most of the afternoon was dedicated to making this slide show in between feeding, changing, burping, dodging spit up, playing farm, cutting apples, making dinner, throwing a ball, answering the phone, trying to look at Juice's benefits for next year, dancing with babies, feeding, napping the children, and joining facebook. (Where my slide show came to a screeching halt because facebook is too addicting already. Look me up if you want to be friends.)

Anyway, I finally got the boys down for bed and dinner eaten and cleaned up so I sat down to do the slide show. I finished it, and discovered if I wanted to publish it it would cost me over 50 dollars! Sheesh...these slide show things suck you in with a free account and then don't let you do anything with it. So now instead of 12 of my most favorite photos from this past week in PA, you get 3.

Hey, be happy with 3!

PS- Professor has a tooth! No wonder he refuses to sleep on his own, hates to be put down, and has a toned down sunny disposition.


  1. That stinks about the $50 slideshow!! And the time you spent making it. I'll watch it on your computer next time I'm over so it doesn't go to waste. :) I LOVE that picture of you and the boys....and the bottom one of ALL your boys is GREAT!

  2. Glad you're home in one piece. The pics are great. I'm on facebook too. Look me up and add me. For some reason I couldn't find you when I looked.

  3. Sweets, try Jumpcut. It's free and you can create any length of show you want. Flickr also allows slide show creation but limits it to 45 seconds which will get you about 9 pics or so.

    Also, uploading RAW files is not real good on Blogger. Try converting to jpeg and then uploading. They have a size limitation and RAW files are way big as you know.

  4. Cute hair in photo 1! I use Picassa super easy lots of photos in the slideshow, and free I have a slide show with bunches of pictures on my costume blog.

  5. awww...now I'm excited to see more pictures! and tell Juice he's totally forgiven for growing a mustache - way cool pic :)

  6. Anonymous1:47 AM

    I had a similar experience this week, trying to work on a video of Evie and Windows Movie Maker keeps crashing and I have to redo everything since the previous save. Argh! It is so frustrating to put in time on the computer and then have it amount to nothing. But, the pics are adorable, I love the boys in their pirate gear. Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

  7. Laura, I'd love for you to see it. And all my pics! I got some good ones.

    Kelly, Now we're friends. :)

    Dad, Duh, didn't think of jumpcut. And these are not RAW files, these are all jpegs because blogger will not let you upload anything else.

    Valinda, now I can't remember what hair I did...have to go back and look!

    Splats, he actually just grew a goatee and trimmed it to a mustache for the ren faire. More pictures eventually. :)

    Karen, It seriously is annoying to have all that work and have to start back at the beginning! Ahh...technology.

  8. I hate it when technology throws curve balls at me too! Wow. I have said it once b4 and I'll say it again, how do you do it? You do so much with 3 small children. And u r breast feeding on top of it all! AMAZING!

  9. Yay! CUTE pictures! You look great! I love that top one of you and the boys! Okay is that your husband? Zoro? No, you said he dressed like a pirate right? Cool costume either way! Looks like the princess bride guy!


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