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Monday, October 13, 2008

Drive Home


The drive home was somewhat eventful. We didn't leave until around 12:30...maybe 1pm. We enjoyed the swimming pool for a good 45 minutes and ran around the hotel room shoving things into every nook and cranny. How is it that I got all of my stuff there in 4 bags, and had to come home with 6? Stuff explodes with kids. It's weird.

Juice took my parents to the airport and drove around through Delaware (small wonder!) and I took the short way home with all of the kids. We talked about maybe switching rolls, and I would drive my parents back to the airport but then what would he do with the kids for hours at home by himself? Especially since 2 of the kids kind of need me every few hours. And I kind of need them too. Anyway, it worked out the best and Juice came home cross and tired.

I came home by way of Gettysburg. It was a beautiful fall day. Both the boys are screaming in the back and Butterfly is complaining that she can't hear her movie. ("They too loud! Make the movie louder!") I saw the sign for Gettysburg: 6 miles and figured I could make it there and find a nice monument to park next to and feed these boys. One mile away, Butterfly starts yelling, "I need to go potty!" Perfect. We were stopping anyway, right?

I am amazed at how long she can hold it because it took me probably half an hour to find parking. Parking that was not 6 lots out in the boonies. It was far enough away from the new visitor's center that I had to pull out my stroller and strap everyone into it and walk about 7 rows of cars up. Everyone is so excited to see the twins and frankly, I've had enough of being the show. It was fun for awhile. Now stop your "aww...twins!" and just move on.

Wow, that came out harsher than I wanted. Apparently it has been bugging me. Will rant later.

As I was waiting in the ladies room for the big stall, several people came up to me and told me they would watch my kids if I had to go. No no no. I will not let strangers watch my children!! I know they were being nice but seriously, do you think anyone would take you up on your offer? In the end, an attendant showed me where the family room is. Whoever invented this with it's baby changer, potty, chair, sink, kid friendly seats is a genius. I changed both boys (both poopy), had Butterfly potty, fed the boys and never even had to leave the room. It was awesome!

I figured since I had gone to all that trouble to get everyone out of the car, I may as well walk around some. The only path I could find was leading to the bus parking lot so we toured that and got back into the car. We then drove around Gettysburg looking for "statues" as Butterfly called them. They aren't hard to find. I took a few pictures, enjoyed the fields of black eyed susans they have there and headed home.

We got here in one piece, although Fern is a little more worse for the wear. Never give your 3 year old a can of chips and expect the back seat to resemble anything like a back seat for awhile. Thankfully, FHE tonight was clean the car so she's back to being her crumb free self. Until we ride in her again.

It took me all day to go grocery shopping and plan my week out. Looks like I've got a lot going on!


PS- Tried to upload pictures...stupid internet is too slow. Will try again tomorrow.


  1. Don't worry. I totally get your being annoyed by the "aww! Twins!" comments. I can't even imagine the number of times I've heard the words "You must have your hands full." I have sworn never to say that to another mother, even if it may be true. :) There are so many other things to say!

  2. PS--glad you're home!

  3. I let weird strangers in bathrooms watch my kids all the time, people in Vegas are so helpful, I don't know what your worried about :) I'm with you WHY would you even offer???? I'm happy to hear you made it home safe. I never get the twins comment but I've heard "When are you going to have a boy" comment more times then I could EVER handle!


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