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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pennsylvania Ren Faire


We had a great time (as usual) at the Pennsylvania Ren Faire. This was our second year going. There were a few things that we wanted to see from last year, and a few things that we missed last year. I still don't think we saw everything again this year. We'll try again next year!

The reason why we started going to the PA Ren Faire and not the Maryland one was that it seemed cleaner. More family friendly. The biggest reason is probably so that Juice can wear his sword. They don't allow weapons at the MD Faire. Anyway, we like it. And I'm completely bushed so this will be short.

Juice played with Butterfly's hair, and mine too. We all got dressed up in our costumes. Butterfly was Arwen and got to wear my evenstar necklace. Juice was his Dread Pirate Roberts costume. The boys were little pirates too. And I had a shirt on that said, "Who are you calling a princess?" with a skull and crossbones on it. It was pirate weekend, after all.

My Dad threw some Chinese stars, which he got to do for free because he found a star in the road and took it back to the guy. We waited in a long line at the potty and went to find ourselves some lunch. After lunch, I fed the boys and my mom took Butterfly to the potty again. She was in the stall and started to cry. She did not want to go without me. Ugh. Please someone tell me the whole can't-potty-unless-you-are-there phase will go quickly. I'm so tired of it.

I had just sat down to finish my lunch when my mom called so I had to go help Butterfly and then go finish. By this time, the boys had had it. They had not had really good naps in a few days and they were not happy little boys. We walked towards the "flying chicken", otherwise known as the hippogriff swing. Juice and Butterfly took a ride. I tried to feed the boys again and listened to them cough horribly. Guess who caught colds? Me, and them, and Butterfly. I imagine Juice will probably not be far off.

My dad and Juice fought in the the fencing ring. They pad you up really well, give you a sword and some balloons connected to you and let you whack each other until the balloons are popped. My dad won. They had so much fun and came back to us all smiles.

We then had to go to the potty AGAIN, and this time Butterfly refused to go at all. So I thought I would go. Well she was mad and didn't want me ("Daaaaddyyyyy! I want Daaaaaaddyyyyy!") and opened the door to run out while I was still indisposed. I was NOT happy with her and after I got her back in, got myself put back together I marched her right out to her daddy who she immediately didn't want. Of course. ARG!

We wandered around to look at the shops but they are hard to go into with our big stroller. By this time I had Pirate strapped to me and Professor was whining in the stroller. Butterfly's head kept falling over so she sat in Pirate's seat and fell asleep. All day long we had been doing a scavenger hunt and we didn't want her to miss getting her prize that she worked for. So Juice stood in line with her asleep in the stroller. She got a skull necklace. I fed the boys again and we decided we were done.

We spent all day at the Faire and had a great time! The queen blew the kids all a kiss and Butterfly got several trinkets. We were beat by the end of the day and came back to the hotel early for bed.

We love the Ren Faire!



  1. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Sounds like fun! I'd love to see pics :) The pirate theme made me laugh and think about Evie's birthday because it (9-19) is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day" and we were joking about having a Tinkerbell theme at one birthday party so that the adults can dress like pirates and...talk like them. :) I chuckled about Juice's sword.

  2. What about your really awesome blue dress????

  3. I was so close to you this weekend, I was at dutch wonderland. we stayed at a hotel really close to the PA ren faire.

  4. I wish they had a Ren Faire out here in Utah! That sounds like fun.

  5. I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!! SOunds like fun!!!


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