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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

18 Months Old and Burning Up


This past Sunday the boys turned 18 months old! They are now closer to 2 than they are to 1 and it's exciting! I am loving this stage I think because we have two very sweet little boys. I was curious and looked back at Butterfly's 18 month old post and they are so different! Although I do have some of the same worries. I worry that the boys are not eating enough like I did with Butterfly this time in her life. I don't know why I worried, she was enormous then! The boys are tiny compared to her.

We have not gone to the doctor for their check up yet because everyone here is sick. It started out with Butterfly complaining that her tummy hurt to a full blown snot ridden week. Both the boys have raging fevers today and I am typing this with a little furnace in my lap (aka Pirate). I am pretty sure they have the flu (piggy or non, I'm not sure). Wonderfully high fevers, cough, congestion, and Butterfly and Pirate have both thrown up. Amazingly, Professor seems to be the least affected by this and is stomping around the house. He does have his binkie and cries when I take it away so I figure he can have it while he is sick.

I also have not taken their 18 month old pictures. There is no reason why they should have the glazed doughnut look and huge sunken eyes for them!

I just did a post on things they were doing a week ago but I'll update just a few things.

Professor is my sunshine. What a sweet and happy little guy he is. And he is tiny. Some of his winter clothes from last year are still fitting him. He said his first two word sentence the day before he turned 18 months old while my parents were here. We were having Chinese food for dinner and Juice was eating Lo Mien. Professor crawled into his lap, looked at the plate and said, "Noodles Mama?" It was so cute and clear. Things that he says shoes (Shhh! while chucking one at you), cheese (zzzeee? always a question), Mama (maMA!), woof woof (ufff!), dog (da!), and uh-oh (uh-oh...this one is very clear), no. He says barely a third of what Butterfly said at this stage. The county came and assessed both the boys for speech therapy but they don't qualify. Still, if they are not saying anything more in 6 months, I need to have them rechecked.

He is pushing boundaries this one and will constantly try to tip over the dog's water or climb up where he shouldn't. He almost always announces that he is going to do something by pointing at it and saying "noooooo". I'm not always around to catch that and he ends up in the toilet or on top of the table or in a heap on the floor. He loves hats and wears his Halloween costume hat around just for fun. He will come over to Butterfly and chatter to her while she tries to block him from any toys she is playing with.

Pirate is my little snuggle bug. He loves to be held by mommy, sick or not. He has the best smile and the saddest face. He is getting better at walking but still runs head first into things several times a day. He loves to hold my hand and walk around. He always beams when he is doing this like he is the most important person in the world for holding my hand. He is sensitive and has been crying when Professor or Butterfly cry in earnest. He hates diaper changes and can really lock his legs and spin himself around while changing. Makes it very difficult to change him lately!

He is not saying much. Only uh-oh. He doesn't babble a whole lot either. I'm just trying to go with it and he'll talk when he's ready. He loves to see how things work. My parents were visiting this week and he was fascinated with Grandpa's camera. Grandpa was really nice and let him use the camera a little bit. He had shutter pushing down! He's not afraid to ask you to help him with something he can't do. He loves to hold remotes while movies are playing and actually is starting to watch them now. He is great with the Wii and gets all excited when it's time to play. He loves to play peek-a-boo and to clap. He loves being the center of attention and applause. He is one tidy baby and loves to put things back into our toy bins, much to Butterfly's annoyance when she has just dumped them out to play with.

The year is flying by so fast and soon they will be 2!



  1. I know it is cliche, but times flies! It seems like just yesterday you had newborns.

    Sorry to hear you've got a house FULL of sick kids. I hope they all feel better soon and stay that way :)


  2. I was hoping you meant "burning up" as in burning rubber on their shoes, not as in sick! I hope it gets better soon.

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Ugh, sick here, too. Hope we all recover quickly. Cute stories about the kiddos, I especially like the "no!" before doing something naughty. Hee hee.


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