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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Catching Up


Well, obviously I am being a bad blogger. I have no excuses but three small ones that I have to keep safe. And clean. And fed. Especially fed. They do not like having empty stomachs.

So, let's play catch up! Here is my calender that I write everything down on and here are some quick highlights of the past few weeks.

Saturday Sept 19th we went to Mt. Vernon to their fall festival. It was a lot of fun until they shot off the cannon and scared the boys. Also, they were hungry. They had some awesome people dressed in period costumes selling stuff and the regiment patrolling the ground. This is why we were talking about artillery during A week. Professor spilled hot chocolate all down his shirt here and I still can't get it out. Any ideas?

We had D week which was loads of fun! We talked about Dalmatians, dragons, dinosaurs, did a lot of dot to dots, had a date with Daddy to go visit the dogs (they went to the local pet shop and pet the puppies), and Lolli, AJ and me and Butterfly (no boys, they stayed home with Daddy) went to get doughnuts and feed the ducks.

We went apple picking. We brought home 6 huge bags full of apples. Much thanks to my friend Lala (not Lolli) who was kid less that day and climbed up in the trees to get the apples. I would say this day was kind of a bust because I had zero fun. Maybe I'll do it again when the boys are 4 which is in about 3 years. Still, it was an experience and I'm glad I went!

We had another letter week, T this time in honor of the Christmas Train that came through town. It was promoting the new Christmas Carol movie and it was really fun. And free! We had a great time riding the train down there, and back and lunch at the train station. Such fun! We also watched Tarzan, read books on toys and trains and turkeys, and even made our own turkey out of a toilet paper roll. I had a bunch of word find stuff I got at the Christmas Train and asked her to find all the T's instead of all the words. It's now her favorite thing and begs me to print off more from the computer.

We've been going to the PRC a lot lately, at least once a week. It's a lot more stressful than when I just had Butterfly going there. She is great and can do whatever she pleases while she is there. But the boys want to dump the gravel on the ground or touch some one's newly painted picture with their hands or eat play dough... I go because I think it will be good for them one day but man am I tired after. The teachers even take pity on me and shut the gravel play area while we are there. Otherwise I spend the entire time sweeping.

I got together with my friend Lala and we did a marathon bake with all those apples we picked. We made pizza pockets, small apple pies, and more. It was yummy and fun and my feet and calves ached for days after. But now I have some easy stuff in my freezer. I also spent most of the day yesterday while listening to conference making apple sauce. I really need to learn how to can the stuff because right now, it is filling up my fridge!

This up coming week is going to be hectic. Not only do I have something written down for every single day (even Saturday and Sunday!), but I am preparing for my parents visit next week. I am still trying to organize all my pictures so I don't have any today. I've got to come up with a better system but I just can't seem to keep on top of it.

Life is full and rich. I'm loving it and it makes me sleep well at night. I have so many projects swirling though. I've taken to making lists before I go to bed, only to add to them in the morning. I'm trying to focus on the pictures right now, which means I have neglected my email/blog/computer related stuff lately. So sorry if you haven't heard from me!

Hopefully I'll make some time for the blog at least.



  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun! I need to learn to make applesauce, too, and I'm scared of learning to can. I'm afraid I'll kill us all with bacteria. Some day I'll try it. Let us know if you do!

  2. Hey sweetie,

    Applesauce can be canned using a water bath--that's the easiest method. There are directions online and you can do jams and jellies the same way. I've preserved peaches and made strawberry jam and peach jam before and they've been just fine with a water bath. The water bath is typically an aluminum pan--don't get the really huge one because it's too big for most ranges. There are directions for which size will work best as well.
    Aunt Lisa


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