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Thursday, October 22, 2009



Last night as I was giving the boys a bath I was looking at the back of their necks. (They were putting their faces in the water and blowing bubbles...so cute!) I noticed that Professor had a very long tail of hair that went almost down to the base of his neck. I knew they had needed hair cuts for awhile but I had been putting it off. I don't know what got into me because the next minute I was kneeling over them with a pair of sharp scissors in my hands. Snip, off went that long tail of hair. Snip, off went the long piece of hair hanging over his ear. Snip, off went the other long piece of hair by the other ear. I was thinking I was doing pretty good at this so I decided to take some hair off the top.

Now remember that I had both boys in the tub who were playing at the moment. This is an important point.

Through the whole thing Pirate is grabbing at his hair and saying, "uh-oh!" and pointing at the scissors. So I switch over to snipping at Pirate's hair. He thought it was so funny and laughing the whole time. He thought it was time to play. So when I moved from the back of his neck to the top of his head, he was pretty high on laughter.

I pulled the hair up and went to snip. He decided to duck or squirm at that moment or something and off went A LOT of hair. Oops. It didn't look too bad but I did put the scissors away at that point.

Both boys out and running around in their froggy towel and piggy towel and straight over to their daddy. He pulled Pirate's hood down and asked me, "What did you do to his hair?" Um, yeah. It didn't look too bad when his hair was wet. Now that it's dry, it looks terrible. Professor's too.

No pictures because they are taking a really early nap. I'll try to get some after they wake up. Until then, I'm going to watch this again!


  1. I often cut the kids hair in the tub. It saves a lot of clean up later.

  2. I've done that!!! And my poor son ended up with the most awful haircut. Never again! LOL

  3. Thanks for the carseat recommendation. It helps so much to have some ideas!
    I hope that the haircut will be easily remedied!

  4. Hilarious!! I have had many bad haircut experiences...mostly because my boys HATE haircuts and squirm to get away the entire time.

  5. Ha. Happens to the best of us. It's good you stopped though - I've learned to only cut a little at a time with my boys because almost every time I cut too much and then I'm so mad and it takes forever to grow back, so I realize I'd rather go in stages now and I can always cut more tomorrow. But keep trying! Don't get scared off!


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