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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So so busy!


I don't know what happened but suddenly I have had zero time for the computer. I guess that's a good thing and it's been a good break for me. But I've been frustrated with it because I want to get on the computer but can't because of something the kids are doing. Or I'm taking a nap because the kids have worn me out. Something.

This week Professor has done the following: thrown my contact case into the toilet, complete with contacts in it. That went right into the garbage. Thrown several toys into the toilet, once when sister forgot to flush. Ewww. Broken a huge glass milk bottle with water so water went everywhere. Also glass shards went everywhere. He cut his foot (barely) and I pulled a huge shard out of the bottom of my foot this morning. Did you know foot wounds bleed a lot if they are deep? Probably everything bleeds a lot when it's deep, huh?

Things Pirate has done this week: managed to shut and lock himself in the dog's crate 3 times. (I think sister may have had a hand in that but I can't prove anything.) Learned how to give people high fives (so cute!). Hid his brand new shoes the day we got them so well he didn't wear them for a few days. Figured out how to climb up onto the toy box (which doesn't hold toys, it holds our DVD cases) and play the rock band drums and keep his siblings away from his cool new toy by hitting them. Good times.

Things Butterfly has done this week: stomped up to her room at least once a day saying, "I don't like ANYTHING!", bit her brother on his back while pretending to be a monster, told me she did not want to stay at dance class and then cried when I made her, has not eaten dinner in over a week because "this is yucky, is there any Butterfly friendly food?".

There have been some good things this week too. Like Pirate loves to help and almost shakes with excitement when you give him something to pick up. And the boys are starting to look for each other when they are doing something and will "call" for the other one. Professor has started giving spontaneous hugs and has won his sister completely over with that. Butterfly has been so helpful getting the boys out to the car and will hold Professor's hand so he doesn't run out into the street for me.

Look for a bunch of stuff tomorrow since I have nothing going on in the day and I might actually be able to upload some pictures. :)



  1. Today was so much fun....but I didn't get home until 9:00!! I am pooped. But I still might find some energy to read. I'm loving it!

  2. Sounds like an eventful week! My daughter has been very tame this week in comparison , I think...

  3. Sounds about right. :) Gotta love all those great new tricks they start picking up at this age. It makes them seem so mischievous, although I can't figure out if one of them alone would really be that mischievous, or if it's because there's two of them and a sibling and you're paying less attention than you would to just one that makes them seem even more so. But you're lucky -I need a good older sibling hand-holder! Getting to the car is the worst. The best he can do when he's trying to help is grab one of them by the neck and shove them in the direction they need to go. Don't you love when they start calling for each other though? It's so precious.

  4. wow, so many similar things in our house too! Nate throws whatever he can find into the tub (empty or full) and dips his hands in the toilet.

    Audrey has not eaten dinner the last two nights either, weeping and wailing included. Last night after we sent her to her room she said her tummy hurt. I told her it was too bad she didn't eat any dinner.

  5. Wow, sounds busy and normal. Hope you are surviving. Remember to try and find time for you. Oh, and the storming off thing sounds familiar...lately it has been..."Leave me alone!" at our house! Best of luck with the kiddos. :)

  6. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Great tidbits! You do sound busy. :) Evie likes to hide things too, but I call it "reorganizing."


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