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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fun Times


Let me introduce you to some fantastic Maryland Mom Bloggers! (Twitter names
in parentheses) From left: Parenting by Dummies (@thenagainphoto),
me tall and in the back as always! and hey I have twitter now (@safirecat),
Joanne of Barely Domestic (@BarelyDomestic),
Lara from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom (@dipaolamomma),
Mary from Pajamas and Coffee (@marymac),
Scarymommy from Scary Mommy (@scarymommy) and
Lolli of Better in Bulk (@1momof5).

This is a fledgling group that we've started to start networking here in this favorite state. There are a lot of bloggers in Maryland. This meeting we started in Baltimore right on the inner harbor. Has anyone been there? It's awesome! Not only with water and some pretty cool shopping, there is an amazing Spanish restaurant called La Tasca. They had some amazing food on tiny little plates that everyone got to sample. So interesting! Lara lived in Spain for several years so she ordered for us and we just sat back and talked and had a great time. Flan was sampled through a straw for desert.

We also had some samples from some fun companies to make this night out truly amazing. Thanks to Dunkin Donuts (@dunkindonuts) for hooking us up with gift
cards, travel mugs and t-shirts!
We also got some great stuff from Shaklee by Clean Mama (@AboutShaklee), Piggy Paint (@PiggyPaint) which Butterfly has been loving, and WAT-AAH! (@WAT AAH).
A big thanks to Jen and the city of Frederick for a preview of our next meeting!- thanks
to: Candlelight Ghost Tours of Frederick with some ghost walk tickets, Dancing Bear Toys & Gifts (@dbeartoys) with an awesome spinner that Juice has been analysing and taking to work so all of his buddies can analys, Maryland Ensemble Theatre FUNCompany (@mdensemble) which is responsible for Butterfly's new school mascot to be discussed later, Author Kristin Kish Whyte - "One More Minute" (Which is something that Butterfly gets a lot.) book and Maryland Life Magazine (@marylandlife).

The best part of the evening (besides NOT getting lost too badly in Baltimore with Lolli) was having fun talking to these amazing ladies. Everyone come from different walks of life but we each have something in common: we love Maryland and blogging. If you local gals would like to join us, check out our site here.

Thanks again ladies for an amazing night!


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  1. It was so much fun. I'm just glad that we could drive together. I would have been so nervous doing that on my own. ;)


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