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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty In Pink


My friend K from Butterfly's play group mentioned that she was putting her daughter in a dance class. I'd heard other moms in that group mentioning a dance class and I thought Butterfly might like a chance at a class too. So when K told me what class, I went ahead and signed Butterfly up kind of at the last minute. Literally, the class started on Monday and I signed her up last Thursday.

Several times over the weekend she told me she didn't want to go. But she did want to wear her new pink leotard every single day. And the day of the class she told me she didn't want to go about 5 times and that she wanted to go only once.

Of course, we were late. We're always late. And I couldn't find the classroom. But with the help of K, we found the class and she had a great time I think.

Her class is an hour long. And it's across the street from a grocery store. Guess where I go? It's kind of nice to get all of my shopping done without her. The boys still come along and they ride in the little car stuck to the front of the shopping cart and have a great time. Now I just need to remember my insulated bags and ice for the frozen stuff and I'll be all set.

Once I got back to the class, I peeked in and took a few pictures. Butterfly is by far the tallest in a sea of pink. There is one boy in the class and one girl has a blue outfit. They did a lot of jumping over lines and skipping in a circle.

She seemed to really like it. Once we came home, she ate like a horse and went to bed early and slept hard. Yay for dance class! We have it every Monday from now until Christmas. I'm excited to see what she will do next week!



  1. Adorable:) I can't wait to see my little girl in a pink leotard:)
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  2. Yay for dance class! She looks great in her leotard.

  3. Fun times for both of you! George likes her dance class a lot but still complains about going. ??? Hopefully Butterfly will continue to have lots of fun. :)


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