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Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost Nursery Time!


In our church, the babies aren't allowed to be in the nursery until they are 18 months old. The boys turned 17 months on Friday (can you believe that?!) so they are basically a month away from nursery. We have been in the hall for weeks now because trying to keep these two boys out of trouble during class is impossible. They still come to sunday school with me (since I have 2-3 teenage girls and that's it...they love these boys!) and then I walk the halls with them for the 3rd hour. Mostly because my classroom has curtains (so. much. fun.) and Juice's class is on the stage. That's a sure fire way to make sure no kids go into his class...make it a safety hazard.

In any case, we have basically 2 more weeks of walking the halls with them. (Next week, the first Sunday in October we have a big general meeting where we don't go to the church building but watch it on tv or the internet, and the second Sunday in October.) They turn 18 months old on the 3rd Sunday of October this year so I am excited to see them off on their next step and actually be in class.

Our leaders gave us two sheets to fill out for them and I thought it would be fun to copy them down here.

Pirate (next to his name I wrote "has brown eyes")
  1. Does your child have food allergies? no
  2. Does your child have a favorite toy? his thumb (please make sure it's clean if possible!). He also likes music and books.
  3. What is your child's favorite food? string cheese and meat
  4. What food do they really NOT like? bread
  5. Please tell us anything else or any concerns you have: He's still not very steady on his feet. He can climb onto chairs but can't get down. He will destroy his snack when he's done so watch out. He steals toys and can push or hit when frustrated. (welcome to twins!) A firm "stop" will get him to stop, though. He's quick to smile and has a sweet laugh. He does not say much but understands a lot. Thanks!
Professor (has blue eyes)
  1. Does your child have any food allergies? no
  2. Does your child have a favorite toy? His pacifier. He also likes balls and cars.
  3. What is your child's favorite food? cheese, cherrios, crackers
  4. What food do they really NOT like? meat
  5. Please tell us anything else or concerns you have: He likes to climb and can get on top of tables if you leave a chair near it. He is sensitive and will get his feelings hurt easily. He will put his head into the floor and cry if that happens. He can be pushy and grabby with toys (welcome to twins!). Trading toys works well for him if he gets too pushy. Please come and get me if he won't stop crying. He does not say much but understands a lot. Thanks!
It's so fun to see the differences in the boys. I am excited for them to go into nursery because I think they will have a lot more fun playing with toys than wandering the halls with me and taking screaming turns at the drinking fountain. The poor nursery leaders get a little wild in the eyes when I talk to them about the boys coming into their class, though. It's hard to add two to anything!



  1. Such a fun time! Addison should have been there the past two weeks, but we have been in other wards for different events. Won't it be nice to sit through a whole Relief Society lesson again? LOL

  2. Ahh that blessed time when they go to nursery! Although, our have been 18 months for a month and have only gotten to go once! They've been sick twice (different sicknesses) and out of town once. That time between when they can walk and when they go to nursery is a LONG wait! Here's to getting something out of church again!

  3. Happy days are here again! Hopefully they will transition well and you will get to listen in church again. :)

  4. Nice try, you are not even old enough to sag!!

    I don't know what you are going to do with yourself without your twins? You mean actually listen in class!! You mean no more wondering around in the hall? UNTHINKABLE!!

  5. It's always a great day when they can go to nursery....if you can get them to stay in there. :)

  6. You will have so much fun later going back and reading this post....when they've been in the nursery for years...and you will see new differences, and happily remember these. What a fun post!


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