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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Talk about Clothes


I know, I must be boring you with all this talk of clothes. But apparently I need to talk about them because that's all I've been thinking about lately.

So. Clothes. How do you keep clothes clean? I swear between my 3 kids I am always washing something or pretreating something. The past 2 weeks or so I have washed something every single day, as well as doing all the rest of my laundry on my laundry day. Well, I should have been doing laundry on laundry day. But I was so burned out with laundry every day that I just wasn't keeping up with it. Then I thought, "Why not just do this every day?" I've been trying it out for the past little while and it's been working great. I think, any way. I have a lot less laundry to put away. I do kid laundry, then our laundry, then towels, then kid laundry, our laundry, sheets. And when I need to do whites, I'll do those that day and start up my rotation a day later. I also throw whatever is stained in with whatever I'm doing that day.

Speaking of stains, my mom is the queen of stain removal. I am trying to become so but it is slow going. I have started to use this stain removal called Soilove. It's pretty good, and seems to be working for most things. Plus it has so many other uses!

One other thing I do is I make up my own laundry detergent. I take half a cup of borax and washing soda, and add that to a cup of grated soap. I use fels naptha soap and it is working beautifully. I also mix them together in my food processor. I usually make a huge batch of it, mixing at least 4 bars of soap (grated) and about half a box each of the borax and washing soda. I figure I make about 96 loads at a time and it only costs me around 7 or 8 cents a load. Pretty cheep! I make the powdered soap but if you want to, you can make this into a liquid (more like jelly than liquid) by cooking down the soap with water before adding the borax and the washing soda. I don't do this because I think it takes forever and I also don't have a 5 gallon bucket to put it in. Or even a place to put this supposed 5 gallon bucket. So, I go powdered.

I think I am boring myself now. I'm off to find something else to do. Oh I know, picture clean up! I am excited. And sarcastic.


PS- I went with Lolli and AJ to a castle park today and we had so much fun! The boys took 3 hour naps afterwards, and only 3 hours because I woke them up when it became 5pm. A fun day! No pictures though because I forgot my camera. Oops.


  1. What a pioneer woman you are - making your own detergent! Ok, I give up!
    You are a serious blogger, aren't you - finding all sorts of things to blog about. Amazing!

  2. The every day vs a laundry day is something I found best when I had 3 babies in 3 years (Valinda was the middle one) with two of them in cloth diapers. For that reason I did a load of whites each day and one other load depending on what was most "ready". We had laundry shelves so it was easy to pick the second load for the day, and some days I actually didn't have enough to do a second load! Saturdays we did sheets... good old Saturday night baths in my childhood led to laundering sheets on Saturday, some habits die hard. LeAnna (third of the aforementioned 3 babies) has the same laundry soap ingredients, I'll let her know it is working well for you. (Hi Juice! We met at Lindy's house when her first baby was born)

  3. I'll send you some pictures form today. So much fun!

  4. Clothes are so much work. I do laundry every day too, only I don't have twins. But I bet Brooklyn makes messes equivalent to or greater than your two boys combined! No really. My new rule is she cannot wear clothes while eating. Sounds ridiculous and maybe even a little white-trash, I know, but you wouldn't believe how much laundry I've saved! Plus her clothes wear out so fast when I'm washing them EVERY DAY.

  5. People think I'm all sorts of home made but you have me beat hands down! I love stain stick it can sit on the clothes for days and not hurt them. I also love bleach pen applied right before I toss something into the washer. It has saved many items but can only be used on whites. Good luck with laundry I seriously hate it!

  6. I second the fels naptha soap. It's fantastic!


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