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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sale Sale!


Today was one of my favorite days in membership of my twin club.  It was our semi-annual sale!  I love going to this sale and getting all the things I need for the next 6 months.  I think half, if not three fourths, of Butterfly's wardrobe comes from this sale in years past.  The boys are following suit with most of their clothes coming from here (and very generous friends...thanks guys!).  In the spring I volunteered and had a great time.  This time, I volunteered for longer and really enjoyed myself!

So last night I was in charge of helping with the toys; getting them all set up in age groups (infant, toddler, preschool, games and puzzles, and outdoor toys) and putting them all together.  Holy cow is this a lot of work.  We had 5 of us on the stage in the school cafeteria where it is held running madly holding toys.  I admit, there was a lot of silliness between us.  We took our time to play with the interesting toys and mocked things like an electronic xylaphone.  Seriously, regular xylaphones aren't enough?! 

By the end of the night, the tables were groaning with the weight of toys.  The wire racks they had built to hold the toys were starting to bow and we were hoping that toys would not fall in the night.  I made a stack of those activity tables for baby's at least 7 tables high.  We had a huge box of baby strollers, one of guitars (yes, they all needed their own box), and so many other things.  The reason for me working toys was so that I could scope out what I wanted to buy today.

While all the other mom's stood around and talked (that's how I made several friends last year), we worked.  I sweated so much but had a good time and I think made a few other friends this year.  I was able to scoped out the rest of the sale and think of a few things to buy beyond toys.  They even had clothes Butterfly's size this year!  (She is wearing a size 7, can you believe it?!) 

So, want to know what I got?

First round:
Fisher Price House
Kettler Trike (for their second birthday)
magnetic dress up dolls for Butterfly
Little People garage

The house was SO big and hard to carry. The trike, which was an impulse buy, was awkward to push and the garage did me in.  I spent 7 minutes in there, bought those things, took them to my car, and went right back in.

Second round:
4 overalls
2 jumpers
9 pants
9 shirts
2 winter coats
2 pants for Butterfly
2 sweaters for Butterfly
11 books
3 movies
one koala bear leash thing
Little People Circus
a construction sight
a fire house (all little people stuff)

I finally left because I couldn't hold anything else.  All of this cost me about $180 (with the above round), which is amazing I think.

Round Three:

My friend Lala came with me and slept in the car while I was shopping.  She and I waited in line for the general public to be let in and did a lot of shopping in the girls' clothes for her daughter Mimi.  We met a very nice couple who was having their first baby and pretty scared.  I don't think I was that scared to have Butterfly.  We talked to her about what to get and I directed her the best places to go once in the sale.  We saw them standing in line later and they looked a little happier with a crib and a stroller bought.

Anyway, Lala bought about 12 things for her daughter.  There was much debating on if we were getting the right color of purple for her and then bringing her total down to her budget. 

I also bought another outfit and another book in this round. 

One other thing I got was a double stroller for my good friend Anie.  She really wanted one, and by the time I was over in the stroller section at 7:30am, most of the good strollers were gone.  So I made the decision for them (again, really sorry Anie!) and bought them one of the last good looking ones.  I figured if she didn't like it, I could use it for a few months and sell it at the sale in the spring.  Good thing she seemed to like it.  But if she doesn't, then she could sell it at the spring sale too!  (Well, I'd sell it and give her the money.)

It was a great day at the sale!  I'm beat though and off to bed. 



  1. I loved hearing about all the stuff you got! What a STEAL!! And thanks again for snagging a double stroller for me. It seriously MADE MY DAY!!! I haven't had much time to figure it out, but I did take Madi out for a quick spin. She LOVED it!! I can't wait to put both girls in it tomorrow and go for a walk (not to mention get a picture for the blog:)!

    You must be EXHAUSTED! What a busy night last night and day today! Hope you guys had a fabulous evening out. HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!! See ya tomorrow! :)

  2. My club has NOTHING like this - I wish we did. We have a few garage sales here and there but nothing like what your club has. I'm glad you got lots of stuff for such a great price!

  3. Wow! You always make out so well with that sale. Butterfly continues to be the same size as my nearly 8 yr old as opposed to my nearly 5 yr old. :)I love to hear about all your good buys so I can live vicariously :)

  4. I LOVE days like that! I'm glad the sale was a success!


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