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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A was supposed to be for Apple


Week two in learning the letters with Butterfly brought us to A. Why A? Because I thought we were supposed to go pick apples this week. Sadly, I wrote the date down wrong and it's NEXT week. Oops! But we had a lot of fun learning about things that start with A!

We read Aladdin and watch the movie. We took out our magnifying glass outside and looked at ants. We then broke out the picture books and looked at pictures of Butterfly's aunts (all 5 of them!) and talked a little about families. I printed off some color sheets of apples for her and she carried them around all week, matching big A's and little a's. We played I spy with a words (apples, airplanes, armor, arsenal [yes really this one...more info later], ashes, ants, aunts, alley, etc.). We went around the house singing the "short A song" from starfall.com.

We were able to go to the resource center this week, with our friend AJ. Butterfly painted, stamped, played dress up and house. We played at the park outside where AJ and Butterfly pretended to be astronauts, attacked by alligators, and on an airplane.

We had alphabet soup for lunch one week. We read all of our animal specific books (tiger, chimp, elephant, dogs, tails, etc.) and we talked about the difference between animals and birds and lizards. ("Animals have hair and birds have feathers and lizards have little skin things.") We talked about addition and had some "visual apples". Mostly that was 2 + 1 = 3, etc. Little stuff.

And finally, we walked to the farmer's market to buy all these apples since I had planned on having a ton with the apple picking. And I'll admit, we did most of these things on Friday morning. But we did do them!

Happy A week!


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  1. Way to go! Doing home school Pre-K with George made me very grateful I had a wonderful Pre-K teacher for the other 2 I'm impressed you got anything done with all three under foot. So what is planned for B week?


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