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Monday, September 07, 2009

We're On The News!


So today we were supposed to go hang out at a lake about an hour away from us. But we didn't get up early enough to make it worth our while (Juice kept me up ALL NIGHT asking me if the power had gone off. Sometimes it's funny when he talks in his sleep, sometimes it's not. And for the record, he talks in his sleep about twice a month or so.)

Since we were home, we thought we'd go to the Labor Day parade. We got ourselves over there, sat down near the beginning of the parade (seriously, we were about 2 houses away from the starting line) and passed out flags to the children. The boys love to play them and we had a great time waving at all the parade goers. We cheered for everyone. The boy scouts, the bank employees, the dancers. Everyone.

Because we are so cute (and we are, especially the small people in our family) we had a lot of face time with the local news camera. He kept coming back to us and filming our family. And we ended up on the news tonight! Here are a few screen shots of the story. I won't post the link on here because it gives away our "secret location" but email me if you want to see it.
I look a little annoyingly happy and Butterfly just looks annoyed but still, kind of fun for us.

The parade was okay. Getting there was a challenge. We went over to Chick-Fil-A for free food before the parade and took it with us to eat while we watched. We bought milk shakes (we got free food for the kids if we bought milk shakes) and Butterfly wanted to drink hers and ride on our stroller while walking to the parade. That's fine, as long as she shares with her brothers who beg off of her all the time. Well, she shared a little too much and spilled milk shake all down Pirate. Poor boy was shivering he was so covered in it. Honestly I wasn't too worried about him as much as I was worried about the stroller. That thing is hard to clean! But we got everything wiped up and enjoyed our time at the parade. Annoyingly so. :)

The article that went along with all of our pictures was all about unemployment. Note to readers: we are lucky. We are not unemployed. I do know (from this article) that the DC Metro area has about a 6% unemployment rate. Lately I've noticed the number of people begging at stoplights has doubled. A lot of these people hold signs that say, "Need money to pay the rent." or "Out of work mom of 3 kids, please help." I feel horrible that people resort to begging because they feel that this is the best way to get money.

We are so incredibly lucky to have Juice's job. We are lucky that I am able to stay home with these cute flag waving kids and we still have enough to live on. I know God takes care of us and our needs because they are met every single month, even when I wonder sometimes how we do it. I hope that those people begging on the streets find something soon.



  1. I loved watching the video clip! We ended up doing nothing at all today except for clean and hang out at home. Well, I took family pictures in the morning...but the kids just played around the house. Boring!

  2. How fun! Your little flag wavers are just darling for sure. I too am very grateful for ElCid's job. Unemployment in Vegas is in the double digits last time I heard. I'm glad you guys are so annoyingly happy over there!

  3. Yes please send link. I had to work. At least weather was good. PS. Go to www.luckylavender.webs.com and look at my week 10 project. All me and html and no program helpers.

  4. You guys look great! I am always grateful that I am able to stay home with the girls - it's a blessing.

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    How fun! Now that both boys are toddling around, I'm sure you'll be getting even more attention than you have in the past. :)


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