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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Butterfly and Boys


I have realized that Butterfly does not have a lot of boys her age to hang around with. Not that it's bad to have basically all girl friends, but a boy around would be good. I paused to think about it and honestly, there are 2 boys that Butterfly hangs out with regularly. One is the neighbor kid down the street, let's call him Vinny. We're good friends with his parents and we switch babysitting a lot. She gives him huge hugs and blows kisses to him and hauls him around by the hand when they hang out. She just loves Vinny.

The other boy she hangs out with is my scrap booking partner's boy. He is just a week younger than Butterfly, and is the youngest of 5 kids. Butterfly prefers to hang out with his older sister (who she is as big as, Park is 4) but will play with Wred if he's playing with his trains. We went there on Tuesday and Wred followed Butterfly around and kept saying, "No! Mine!" whenever she picked up a toy. It's hard to be 2 and learning how to share.

At church on Sunday we sat behind a family with a little boy probably a year or so older than Butterfly. He was hanging over the bench trying to get her attention by flexing his muscles. He kept whispering "Big muscles!" to her and flexing his arms. She looked at him the first time, and decided her magnadoodle was more interesting. As he continued to preen for her attention, she started to glower at him. I actually saw her flounce and turn her back on him. Poor boy's muscles deflated and he turned around. Juice leaned over and asked me how I felt about a boy flexing at my daughter. I replied that I was fine with it because she was handling it herself. Juice nodded and went back to driving Butterfly's car around the bench.



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