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Monday, June 25, 2007

Kid Concerts


Every Monday morning at 10am you will find me hauling Butterfly and Soot out the door to walk the mile to our town's city hall. Butterfly happily sits in her stroller, pointing out birds and that park we walk past every week. ("Look Mommy! A park! I can't go there..." which is code for I'd really like to go there.) Soot runs helter skelter around for about the first half mile. Then she pants next to my side and really gets into the business of walking.

We arrive on the lawn of City Hall, sweaty, panting and in need of water. We skirt around the other moms and their kids and stake out some blanket room under a Japanese maple planted in memory of someone. I tie Soot to the maple and give Butterfly some water because she wants to drink out of mine before I do. I meet up with friends from either my Mom's group or church or both. Today it was both. VaVa and her mom, NayNay (sorry NayNay, if you read this. It was all I could come up with.) Also Butterfly's friend Vinny and his mom, Lelo.

Today on the mics was a group called Almost Recess. They are a male A Capella group and they were pretty good. They did a fun thing at the end where they sang one of the songs in different genres. Blues, opera, rap, techno. My favorite was techno. They are not as good as my favorite male A Capella group called Voice Male, but they are pretty good. They have sound bites on their website if you're interested in it.

Vinny, Butterfly, and Vava ran up and down the small hill behind the maple and got all sweaty. They did dance a little, but they were more interested in that hill. Good way for them to get some energy out.

Only one thing marred the nice day. The butt cracks. To my fellow moms, if you are going to wear low rise jeans, please realize that when you swat down, you look like a plumber. And it's not attractive. I know I have a lot of work to do on my butt to make it look nice, let alone be able to show off my crack. When you are trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy jeans, please be mindful of the people behind you as you swat down to talk to your child. It's really, not pretty.

I walked home with Vinny and Lelo (Soot and Butterfly in tow of course) and we went to see our good friend Tena and her kids. Then, off to lunch with everyone. So much fun! I love having friends out here. For so long I felt so lonely. I had so much to do all the time, but I felt like I really didn't have any friends, just people I hung out with. But now I feel like I have friends. And so many of them! I knew if I kept plugging along and went to as many places as I could, I would find someone to hang with. And I have. It's nice. :)


PS- Hormone levels all back to normal, supposidly my body is back to normal. We shall see...

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