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Monday, June 18, 2007

No no no!


There are 2 phrases I hear every day. I wish it was things like "I love you Mommy!" But it's not. Mostly it's just a string of "No! Don't! I do it!" and "I want something else." That is her equivalent of "I'm bored!" Said in that whiny, sighing tone of voice too. This phrase I hate more than anything else. I try to make sure we get out of the house at least once a day. And it's not my fault she's bored. She has tons of toys to play with, and books galore. But still..."I need something else!" ARG!

We are still using the 2 minute rule but have morphed it into you-have-2-minutes instead of do-you-want-to-now-or-in-2-minutes. And she has caught on to our saying, "2 minutes are up!" by retorting (and yes, it is a retort), "No! 2 minutes DOWN!" Thank you Micky for teaching her opposites. It's really funny to hear.

Also today I couldn't find her new doll's ice cream cone. (You feed the doll the ice cream, it gets all over the dolls face and you have to wipe it up with warm water. Or you could wait until it gets warm enough and it fades away.) So I called Juice at work to see if he knew where it was. She asked to ask him, and couldn't keep her hands off the phone while I called him. I had to dial it 3 times. And then when she got to talk to Juice, she just went off. She told him that she couldn't find the ice cream and she looked all over and it's lost and gone forever and she can't find it in the whole wide world. Then she went off on a tangent about a garbage can which was the only word I could really make out. Luckily, Juice knew where it was and we were able to rescue Chloe's ice cream. (The name came with the doll. And it's not always Chloe. Sometimes it's Cindy.)

Just now she told me that Soot's red bone will make her feel better. And ran and put it on Soot's paw. She is just too cute!


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