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Friday, June 15, 2007

Funny Girl


Butterfly's vocabulary is increasing and she is saying hilarious things. A few days ago, our friends from Juice's work brought her a birthday present. So when we picked Juice up from work, she was so excited! She talked all about blowing out her candles and how old she was (I two! I two!). So yesterday, when we went to pick up Juice from work, she didn't say hello to him. The only thing she asked was, "Where my birfday present? Where my candles?" Silly girl.

One other thing that amazes me is her ability to tell restaurants what she wants to eat. Either she is not very shy, or we eat at restaurants often. Last week we had friends from Las Vegas visiting and we went out to lunch. The waiter came up to us, and she said, "Hi! I want hot dog please. Thanks!" And smiled. And then she added, "Oh, milk too." The waiter was very good but I think he did a double take. I did a little one myself. Where did my baby go?

She is amazing.


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