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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

36 Weeks, 3 Days


I am back from my doctor's appointment. It would have been earlier but the doctor I was supposed to see got stuck in the OR or something, so I saw another doctor. I have no doctor loyalty when it comes to my appointments. Whoever can see me is fine.

So. An update. I have not gained any weight. Normal for GD. My blood pressure is high, but not as high as it was on Friday. I am also not spilling protein but sugar but again that is normal for GD. I am still 5 cm. Well, at least I haven't dilated more! Both boys are looking good, and Baby A is moving around so much they can't seem to keep track of his heart beat. I am measuring 40 weeks today, which is up from Friday's measurement of 38 weeks. They are still both head down, and things are going just swimmingly.

We talked about delivery. Both Dr. SA and this practice are willing to shoot for a vaginal delivery at this point. He is having the nurse that schedules all the inductions to change my c-section to an induction and go from there. He said that he doesn't think I will make it that far. But, he would like to see me at least get to 37 weeks as most of the lung maturity issues seem to disappear at that point. So only about 5 more days. He said that the longer I go the better. He would like to see me do 38 weeks. I made a face at that one and he laughed and said if I go in next week, they will not stop me and just go for it. So unless I spontaneously go into labor myself, I kind of have my "pick" of days next week, or I can wait until the 29th.

Half of me is interested to see how long I can last at 5 cm, but the other half is screaming to get this done with! I want to do the best thing for the boys. But I don't want to have an emergency on my hands either. I will ask Dr. SA on Thursday and see what he says.

I asked him about my blood pressure, and he says that they would like to monitor it a little more closely. So I have another appointment on Friday just to be checked and see how that is going. He said that taking it easy will help a lot. But of course, if I take it easy, I may be pregnant forever. He reminded me the signs of preeclampsia, and said if anything changes or I have any questions, call.

So, doctor's vote: Keep babies in until 38 weeks.
My vote: 37 weeks/undecided
Your vote??



  1. Go for 37 weeks. By then the boys will be good and you don't want to have high blood pressure for too long, it can do not nice things in the future. Besides don't you want something chocolate a week sooner?

  2. I remember wanting to be done so badly and I was only having a singleton. I think 37 weeks is a good goal, especially for twins.It's a good compromise of what's good for the boys and what's good for you. Remember your health too. Best of luck. How exciting!

  3. 37 weeks sound more reasonable! I mean come on -- you are at 5cm!! In France they wouldn't have let you go home and you have already been hanging out like that for awhile. It would be awsome if you could hold out until your parents get there.

  4. It's amazing that you've gotten this far considering! I'd say (if you can!) get your mom and dad here, sit and visit with them for a while, and then start complaining of a back ache! You won't be lying. And you WON"T be pregnant forever, no matter how much it may feel that way now.

    I had fun visiting today! I hope Butterfly gets a good nap.

  5. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I vote listen to the doctor, just in case the boys need more time for their lungs. It will be so nice to just take them home and not have them in the NICU for a couple of days being "monitored" etc. But, I can imagine that if you're measuring 40 weeks then you *feel* just DONE with it! :) Hugs.

  6. Wait until we get there is my vote. It would be cool if it happened on Sunday. Sunday's Child is full of grace as the old nursery rhyme goes or there is this one:

    Monday's child is fair of face,
    Tuesday's child is full of grace,
    Wednesday's child is full of woe,
    Thursday's child has far to go.
    Friday's child is loving and giving,
    Saturday's child works hard for a living,
    And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day,
    Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

    Gay of course here means happy. There are other versions of this poem but Sunday would be cool....

  7. ?? Tough call. I was so done by the end, but it would be nice to have Butterfly taken care of when your parents get there. Good luck!! How exciting you will have to keep us updated even though you will be totally busy.

  8. 38! i know i should be voting for 37... but ive been watching to many "SPECIAL DELIVERY" shows!!!! Im so exctied for you!!! I cant believe you are that close! SO CLOSE! Yet im sure for you there is a BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE between 1 and 2 weeks... haha!


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