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Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Week Old


I can't believe how fast these boys are growing and how fast time is moving. They are now a little over 1 week old. They are starting to grow longer. They are heavier. They eat like champs and don't spit up (Pirate maybe once or twice). We are seriously so much in love with these boys. Even Butterfly wants to hold and kiss and cuddle them all the time.

I love that if they are crying, all I have to do is talk to them and they instantly quiet down and turn their heads towards me. I love the intense little looks Pirate gives me while he's nursing. I love the way Professor's hands stroke his ears when he is almost asleep. They both dream quite a bit and it's almost always happy. Pirate gets these cute little half smiles and Professor chuckles. I know, I know, it's probably just gas. But boy is it cute gas and I look for it whenever I can.

My friend Laura came over and took pictures of the boys when they were a week old. They are such cute pictures!! I can't even pick my favorites because the ones she sent me are just so dog gone cute. I'm planning on using them for their birth announcements.

Speaking of announcements, I can't decide what to do. I made 2 of them, just for fun and now I love them both. Since I can't put them up here for a vote (too sleep deprived to try), I will describe them.

#1- This is a 3 picture announcement on a blue polka dotted background. (Juice does not like the back ground and it may change to solid blue.) The boys each have their own picture with their names and stats below them, and the 3rd picture is of Butterfly looking at both the boys.

#2- Only one picture on this announcement on a solid black background. The picture is of both the boys and it is also in black and white. Their names and stats are on the side in white. It's very classy looking.

I love both announcements for different reasons and every time I think I've made a decision about one, I want to get the other. They both cost the same so that's not an issue. I like that the first announcement has Butterfly in it and that their stats are under their respective picture. I love the black one because it's just so clean and simple and classy. (Plus I love the picture the best.) But I'm not sold on the back ground of the first one, and I don't like in the second one that you can't match which baby goes with which name.

Anyway, they are sleeping around 3 hours at a time at night so I'm feeling like I am getting some kind of sleep. It's amazing what having 2 babies in the same sleeping space will do to elongate the sleeping just a little. Juice has gone back to work, and I really miss him during the day. It's been nice to have him around for company and help. My parents are still in town and leave on Thursday. Juice's parents arrive on Thursday as well so I will not be without help at all. And when they leave, our 14 year old niece will be here for a month or so. I think we've got the help thing covered for right now.

I'm sitting next to their bassinet and I keep glancing over to see their cute little heads all snuggled up together and marvel at how 2 totally separate and unique beings came out of me on the same day. It's totally amazing.


PS- Laura, Jen, Krista, Ida, Lis, Kirsten, and Anie- if you're still up for chocolate, email me for the details! (safirecat [at] gmail [dot] com)


  1. I'm a fan of announcements with several pictures -- especially with twins and I love seeing the sibling in them. Good luck choosing!

    P.S. My package ever show up???

  2. I just love hearing about how the boys are doing!! It was precious to see them interacting with each other on Friday. Hmmm....I've got a bunch of stuff to bring over to you (like a CD of all of the pictures...) so maybe I could peek at the announcement options! I can't wait to see them.

  3. They are beyond cute! You look great too,by the way. :) I vote for announcement #1. I like to be able to know which one is which. And I like Vanessa's in it. Maybe you can switch the background. I'm so jealous that Julien already got to hold them. :( CAN'T WAIT for my turn!

  4. Those are such cute pictures! You look amazing. I like the sound of announcement #1. I think including their own pictures would be fun, but I won't mind when either one finds it's way to may mail box!

  5. Such beautiful pictures!! You & Juice look so perfectly happy. =)

    I like the idea of having Butterfly on the announcement, though the background is a little iffy. Will they let you switch it to something simpler?

  6. I agree with several of the other comments--the 1st with a simpler background. I'm sure that either of them will be adorable though. How could they not?

  7. They are so sweet, and you all look so good. I agree with the other comments about announcement #1. It sounds really cute, and I also like the part of having Butterfly with her brothers. Have fun trying to decide!

  8. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Such great pictures! You look great, too! Just for the record, I like the sound of announcement #2 better, but I can definitely see why you're torn.

  9. Im so glad theyre doing good! It was good to see you at church already TOO! WOW! Glad you liked the browines! The boys are SO cute! Im so glad they are being good for you! Love the no spit up!!!

  10. I vote for announcement #1!! The pictures that Laura took of the boys are awesome! SO many GREAT ones!! You must be in heaven!! :) Oh, and I love the picture on here with you and the boys!! You look GREAT and the boys are SO VERY ADORABLE!! Laura told me the details for Wed. night! Sounds great! :)

  11. They're so tiny! I love the pic of you holding them in your arms. and Juice's pic w/ em is pretty cute too - very non-zombie!

    I'll vote for #1 cuz I wanna see Butterfly, too.

  12. SOOOOO cute! Can I get an announcement too? I'll email you my snail addy :)

  13. I vote for #2, so I guess I'm pretty much the odd woman out! I'm all for classy. Classy can be so simple, yet so elegant. Anywho ... Melissa told me about tonight. I'm still workin' on a sitter. So I might see you and I might not. But boy oh boy, those two are so cute.


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