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Thursday, April 17, 2008

36 Weeks, 5 Days, Doctor Visit


Sorry this is a later post today but I just wanted to wait and post something after my doctor's visit. Today was my last Dr. SA visit. I am sad to not go to his office anymore. He is so good. If anyone needs a referral to a really good perinatologist in Maryland, they should email me.

Anyway, as I was checking in, he was going to see another patient and stopped and asked me what I was doing here. I wonder the same thing! He didn't expect to see me again. Neither did I honestly. But we were.

So, on to the babies. Baby A is doing really well. He is very very low still. He has his little heart issue, which will now continue on through birth. Dr. SA said that if they ask us who we want to see him for his cardiologist to be checked out, to go with the cardiologist that we did the fetal echo cardiogram with months ago. Check. But he is doing well otherwise. He is moving and breathing. His fluid looks good and the cord and the placenta are all doing well.

Baby B is fine, except his is just not practicing his breathing. We must have spent half an hour trying to get him to breath, and then towards the end just move. Now, he has no problem moving right before I go to bed, or early in the morning. He just was sleeping and refused to get up. Stubborn boy. Gets that from both parents, I suppose. Dr. SA was able to get him to move and breath, though so he's just fine.

So, now, let's talk delivery. He said that he will call my OB's office and have them schedule me for an induction on Wednesday. He doesn't think that we need to go any longer than that. Things can go wrong at the end of a pregnancy, and we may as well not mess with it. Especially since I am 5 cm. We don't want an accident or an emergency. He also said that if anything changes, the babies don't move as much, I have strange discharge, or anything, to just go. He looked at Juice (who was able to come with me today) and said "Gag her if you have to. Tell the hospital that you need to come in!" Haha...he is so funny.

He is also going on vacation this week so he won't be around. Sad. But they are going biking at slick rock in Utah. So he and my parents are just going to trade places for a week. I will wait and go show them the boys when he is around.

Other things he told me was that I have a bad track record with contractions. I just do not feel them. He said if we hooked me up to a monitor, I would probably be contracting all the time. He said not to expect actually going into labor ever, and once I get to 5 cm I should just be induced. Okay then. Thanks Mom for the good genes I guess. :) He also said that all I need is a prick and we will have Baby A within minutes. Yep. Sounds just like Butterfly's birth. Now I'm interested to see what happens with Baby B.

We have decided not to wait until Wednesday. We will do this on Sunday. My parents will be here by dinner time on Saturday. Sunday morning, we will call, go in, and have these boys hopefully that morning or afternoon.

Unless of course something happens between then and now. Or Juice gags me and throws me over his shoulder, er, carries me...er, escorts me to the car and we go have the babies then. I have another OB appointment tomorrow.



  1. Take a picture when he gags you and throws you over his shoulder. :) That's something I wanna see! I'm so glad you have an end in sight!!

  2. Wow... I can't believe you're almost there! I also can't believe you're walking around 5 cm dilated- you might not make it to Sunday!

  3. YEAH!!! So, this weekend for sure huh!?!?!? I am totally AMAZED that you are walking around dilated to a 5! I would be so nervous all the time- it's going to happen super fast when it does! I can't wait to meet your little guys!

  4. How exciting!! Of coarse this weekend I will be gone so I will be biting at the bit to get home Sunday evening to jump on the computer. Easy labor vibes to you!!!


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