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Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday Doctor Visit, 34 weeks


This week was a 2 doctor visit week, as will every week after this be. I went to my OB on Wednesday, and the Dr. SA on Thursday. Let's see, OB stats. I only gained one pound, which is good. And my blood pressure is still the same as last week, 130/80. This doctor didn't measure my belly. We did have a small peek at the babies. Both are still head down (imagine that) and moving very well.

The nurses scheduled me for a c-section on the 29th which annoyed me at the time. So I brought it up with this doctor and he said to look at it more as an end date rather than a c-section date. I asked if we could change the c-section to an induction and he said that was fine if they are still head down and doing well. I asked him to write it in my chart so the other doctors would know. I also asked about the on call doctor, Dr. Useless, because every time I call her, she does NOTHING. I was having a lot of contractions a few days ago and she said that she was not going to stop labor. Um, I thought we wanted to get to 36 weeks! And she said at 32, she wouldn't stop it. Useless. Luckily the contractions went away but I was told to call if I have these contractions, and so I did. Arg, it's so annoying to deal with lots of doctors and their different methods. This doctor said that it's the practice's policy to not stop labor after 35 weeks with twins so if anything happens after Saturday, the boys will come! I'm hoping to make it at least until the 19th when my parents will get here.

At Dr. SA's we just glanced at the babies and made sure they were still doing well. And they are. The tech didn't read my chart and didn't know about Baby A's PACs so she kept scanning his heart over and over. Then she started asking me if I'd had any coffee or caffeine and I had to tell her that he has this all the time. She was a new tech I hadn't seen before and was not that talkative. Both babies are doing well, and Baby B is actually doing a lot of breathing and moving around this time. Dr. SA came in, glanced at it all, said I was doing well and nothing has changed. Well, one little thing has changed. He said my placenta is looking a little old because it has these little wispy things starting to hang down off of it. But at 34 weeks, that's to be expected. They didn't even look at my cervix because they don't really care what it does right now. If everything is still doing well at next week's visit, he is going to take me off bed rest. Yay horray! I will still probably take it a little easy to make it to 36 weeks, and to wait until my parents get here. Then it will be walk walk walk. Dr. SA says I will probably go into labor before the 29th because my cervix is so short and I have fairly big babies. (Growth scan next week.)

My biggest fear is that my water will break at home and Baby A is so low that I won't make it to the hospital. Butterfly was born in 5 contractions after my water broke so it's a legitimate concern. But we shall see.



  1. Yay! It's working! Hopefully your Dr. will be on call so you won't have to deal with Dr. Useless. we'll keep our fingers crossed for 36 weeks!

  2. Way to go! There are many praying for you. Hearing about your progress is a delight! The booties are in process.

  3. One good thing for me about you being on bed rest is that you have time to blog so I can read all about what you are doing. I totally understand your frustration with different doctors and their policies. Hang in there girl!

  4. How exciting!! I love hearing all these update -- I hope you won't have to deal with Dr Useless anymore!!

  5. I love all of the names you make up for people, and DR Useless is just great! Dale made up a name for one of the Drs there--Dr. Big-hands. Now I can't see him without chuckling.

    Wow! 5 contractions after your water broke, huh? Yeah, that's a legitimate concern.

  6. Valinda- Honestly any doctor is preferable to Dr. Useless! So let's hope I have these babies during the week in the daytime.

    Grandma- Thank you for praying for us! I'm excited to see the booties. Thank you for making them for them.

    Michelle- Yes, I do blog more now that I am stuck on bed rest. Hopefully I can keep it up when the boys come. :)

    Jill- I'm glad you like the updates. I was wondering after I put it up if people really did want to hear about my doctor visits or if I should stop writing so much about them. But then I thought it's kind of a journal for me too so I will continue to write them. :)

    Laura- Yes, I actually think of that doctor as Dr. Big-Hands too now! It always makes me laugh. I haven't seen him since the beginning. We'll have to talk sometime about who delivered your babies from that practice.

  7. One of my biggest peeves when I was expecting twins was how not only different OBs but even THE SAME OB would change tunes on me. First an OB would say, "If you show any signs of labor after 36 weeks, we'll go right to c-section" (I was a scheduled C no matter what---it wasn't because of twins). Then I DID show signs of labor at 36.5 weeks, and he was all, "You know, ANY pregnant woman would show signs of labor at 36.5 weeks. We're sending you home!" Um, okay, but would any woman have contractions every 8 minutes, then every 7, then every 6, then every 5, for FIVE HOURS???

    Ahem. What I mean is, I know what you mean. Some OBs would say they wouldn't stop labor after 34 weeks, some after 35; some would say C at 36 weeks, some at 37, some at 38, etc. YIKES. AGREEMENT, please!

  8. OOOH! Youre ALMOST THERE! Im so excited for you!!! I cant believe you are 34 weeks! Seemed like you had so long to go a few weeks ago! YEY! NEW BABIES!!!


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