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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Butterfly's Big Girl Bed!


Happy 4th of July! And Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers (which I have several)! Our 4th was very low key. We went to our church's breakfast this morning. It was nice. I ate too much but we sat next to someone new in the ward. So we got to chatting and their daughter (who happened to be visiting with her 2 kids, 3 and 1) went to Ricks College the year I graduated from there. Which means she's two years younger than me. And she already has 2 kids?! Lucky...

Sorry, tangent. Anyway, we lit those snake fireworks and called our celebration good. The big thing that we did today was buy Butterfly a big girl bed. We were in and out in 15 minutes. It was nice to be the only customers, early, and know exactly what we want. Butterfly had a great time rolling from bed to bed, and I picked out one that I thought was comfy. (Who knows, I may have to sleep on it in the future!) They also took off some money on the box springs because they didn't match and threw in the frame for free because this was her very first bed. I only spent 20 more dollars than my budget and I feel great!

We took it home on the top of our car (only about a mile down the road but I was terrified that it was going to fly off) and commenced the great nursery explosion. We left the crib up because we will hopefully need to use it soon. We moved so many things out of the room that are now sitting in the middle of my room. I can barely make it to my bed, but her room is so neat and tidy! We apparently have too much junk. Anyway, we also are using the dresser as a bed rail for a month or so and then I'll move it to the opposite wall. I think it looks cute. Thanks Mom for the super cute comforter! But can I just say that this bed is murder to make. Awful! And I thought making the crib was hard!

Butterfly slept in it with no problems for her nap. She was so excited about it she kept pretending to sleep while we were trying to set it up. I can't believe my baby is old enough to sleep in a regular bed.

Time is going by so fast!



  1. Love the dirty hands :)

  2. Thanks! Me too. She just couldn't keep her hands off those firework snakes...

  3. That is a great invention with the bed and dresser and crib. Good use of furniture!


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