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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Juice is in St. Louis until Saturday. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and ask a few friends over for movies and snacks. Just the girls. No kids allowed. Boy did I get a response! We may make this a monthly thing, because I had moms almost crying with thanks (not really but it makes a nice picture). I have even cleaned my house for this. You'd think I was as excited as they are!

Juice left at 4am this morning. I did not want to take him to the airport (gah, 4am! And what would we do with sweetly slumbering Butterfly?) so he took the car to the metro and left it there for me to pick up. Which Butterfly and I did early this morning. Did you know that you don't have to pay for parking at the metro station until 10:30am? No? Me either. But boy was I excited when I found out! Free parking!

Does anyone know how to make your toddler's diaper stop leaking at night? Because Butterfly's does. And changing the bed is awful...all jammed in that corner. I have put her in the next size up diaper at night and that seems to do nothing. I have considered buying the training pants overnights. I do wonder if I will actually use them and if they would work. I have gone ahead and bought something called 'diaper doublers'. Apparently the cloth diapering world swears by them and they are reusable. I bought 2 and will buy more if this solves my problem. Anything to stop changing that bed and washing the sheets every day!

So I've been doing a little research on cloth diapering and I think I may give it a go with the next baby. Not 100% cloth, but maybe 30%. I even saw that they have flushable diaper liners so you can just wrap it up and flush before washing the diaper. I think I may have my convincing story with Juice right there. I'm interested to see how they all work and if they are worth a little more hassle for less price. I figured I pay around $1000 to $1500 a year on diapers...that would be nice to keep some of that money! And sorry if this paragraph doesn't sound coherent...I'm just thinking out loud.



  1. Julia1:02 PM

    yay for girls night out!

    and I have a bunch of friends who are near-experts when it comes to cloth diapering. If you'd like to join the mommy group I'm in, I will be happy to send you a link and let them know you're coming! ^_^

  2. Have you tried Huggies Overnights? We swear by them for Brody. He never leaks since we started using them!

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I second the Huggies Overnights. Taylor had leaking diapers at night and since we've switched, she hasn't had a leak yet.


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