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Monday, July 30, 2007


I used to talk a lot about Soot on here before we had Butterfly. Our first little baby. She is just such a good dog. She rarely barks, doesn't have accidents in the house, doesn't chew up the furniture or anything. Juice and I frequently talk about what a good dog she is. We also wonder when we get a second dog (not in this house!) if that dog will be just as good. Probably. I mean, if you have 4 legs you can't spend all day in the house with an ex-horse trainer and not be good. Right?
Soot had her yearly check with the vet and her updated shots. She is 3 years old, weighs 14 lbs and is just a gem. Even the vet techs love her. They love that they never have to muzzle her to give her all her shots or whatever else they do back there. She is a picture of health. The vet was impressed with her muscle tone. She said that the best thing we could do for her was continue to walk her every day (it's not every day but pretty darn close!) and make sure she continues to get the proper amount of food. My old dog Nessie was always a little fat and I don't want that for Soot.
Lately, Soot has been earning her keep. About a week ago, she started to tear up our deck with her claws. She had this high pitched bark/whine going on and wouldn't let it alone. Juice pried up the board she was digging on, and down she shot. Back right up with a mouse. She shook it, and dropped it and took a few steps back. She sat down with her tongue hanging out and smiling. Seriously, she was so happy and content. Maybe satisfied would be a better word. Mouse into the outside trash, and a bowl of ice cream at our favorite place for a reward. (They give out free doggy sundaes with a milk bone in it and everything. How cute is that?!)
This morning, the crows were pecking our garbage all over our front yard. So I sent the dog outside, and she chased them away. I put on her lead out front and left her there to make sure they stayed away. Such a good dog.
She walks with us to the farmer's market and to the kid concerts every week. She just lays down on the blanket at the kid concerts and doesn't even give the kids a second look. (I have had to stop letting kids pet her because they were pulling out her hair! And she was crying! I hate it when the other moms just stand there and look at me when their kid is yanking out my dogs hair. Last week, I had a mom throw me dirty looks the whole concert because I told her 5 year old repeatedly to leave Soot alone. Now, I don't know about you but when I was 5, I would have listened to the adult. And I'm sure my mom would have made sure that I stayed away from that dog. Instead of putting all of her energy into glaring at the dog owner. Watch your kid!) Since I have been dragging Soot all over, she has become a very good city dog. She doesn't really look at people on the sidewalk anymore. And she waits to cross the street with me.
As Butterfly says, "I love my puppy dog!"

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