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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Hotel Bed Syndrome


You know how when you go on vacation and sleep in a different bed, you sleep but you don't really sleep? I call this the Hotel Bed Syndrome. This is where we are at with Butterfly and her new bed. The first night we had no problems. She didn't get up at all and slept through the night with no problems. Then, the second night was a little harder to get her to go to sleep. She cried a little but went to sleep. Last night, she was up 3 times. Once because I forgot her teddy bear, once because she heard Juice come in from walking Soot, and once at 5:45am because she couldn't find her favorite blanket. I hope the trend does not continue like that. Still, it's pretty good so far.

She has been super cranky and crying a lot lately. She has big circles under her eyes, and she asks for a nap around 11am (normally I'm wrestling her down around 1pm). She is sleeping, but I don't think she is sleeping well. Which means that I am loosing patience with her. (It doesn't help that I'm staying up late reading Harry Potter either!)

I hope that the newness of the bed wears off soon and she can actually get some good sleep.


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