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Monday, July 09, 2007

Heard at the Dinner Table


Dinner time. Butterfly was standing in her chair brandishing a green bean. She yells, "What's that?! Oh, a BEAN!" She then proceeds to sing the theme from "Jaws" as she slowly moves the green bean to her mouth. She takes a huge ripping bite out of it, smiles, and laughs so hard green bean goes everywhere. Rinse and repeat.

For as much food as Butterfly eats, she still gets it all over. Maybe that's where I'm missing all the food...it gets in her hair, clothes, eyes, toes. Soot normally does a good job of wiping up the floor but there are some things even the dog won't eat.

Today, Butterfly ate 1 bowl of Cheerios, 2 cups of milk, 2 packages of fruit snacks, 1 whole pb&j, crackers, a few pieces of cheese, a lot of water, one plate of Chinese food, and one fortune cookie (Your family and home are important to you).

It got to over 100 degrees today. Add the humidity, and it is hot hot hot!


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