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Monday, July 16, 2007

That's my Favorite Dentist


Butterfly had her very first dentist appointment today. We all went at the same time. They cleaned my teeth (2 cavities and a filling appointment on my birthday...sigh) while she watched. They did Juice's fast (beautiful, see you in January) and then asked Butterfly back. I got to hold her while the dentist tried to look in her mouth. She succeeded by asking Butterfly to brush her teeth with a brand new Tigger toothbrush. Butterfly happily did because there was hot pink toothpaste. You mean toothpaste comes in different colors?! Wow! She also loved rinsing and spitting. She managed to spit it all out on that paper bib, but at least she didn't get too wet. She still is waiting on her second molars but other than that, the dentist says she has great teeth. No cavities, keep brushing.

She was very good and got her picture and a sticker and a yo yo. As we were leaving she pipes up and says "That was my favorite dentist!" We are now the dentist's favorite patients. :) I wonder if that means I can have a yo yo when I go back.



  1. I had a root canal today ... no yoyo for me :( just a big whopping cheque to write. They should give us big people prizes too!

  2. Butterfly is such a beautiful name. I love it! Anyway, it's great that she enjoyed going to the dentist. I just wish you posted some pictures of what happened during the day. I really want to see what Butterfly and the pink toothpaste look like!


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