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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Play Time

Okay, I have really bad pictures (quality wise, there is no bad picture of Butterfly) to show you of our play time yesterday. We walked to the farmer's market with Vinny as always, and then we stopped at a park near by. I had not been to this park and I was excited that it was all fenced in, and had no big drop offs and a play house and train! What a great park! Vinny and Butterfly ran and ran and ran and ran. Butterfly came back covered in dirt. It was even in her eye lid folds. But she had a fabulous time!
Once we got home, it was straight to bath and she turned the soap bubbles grey. I just can't get over how dirty she was. But she was glowing and rosy cheeked after her bath and just so cute.

Clean and dirty toes for your perusal.
Also for your perusal are a few new blogs I've added to my blogging list. The first is El Cid and Girls. She is a good friend of Juice's from college and made my Ren Faire dress. Check her out and say hello! Next is Keeping It Simple. This family just moved into our area and I have enjoyed reading her blog and getting to know her and her family better. Keep an eye out on my blog list as I am always adding new ones I like to read.
Juice comes home tomorrow! Yay!!

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