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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Day in Missouri


I can't find a free internet to post this so I am writing it offline and will post it as I get the chance.

We are in Missouri and two of the three kids are sleeping soundly.  Professor's eyes are red rimmed but he is insisting that I play peekaboo with him over the edge of his pack an play.  I worry that he is stepping on his brother but not enough to go over there and check.  I imagine if Pirate was being stepped on he would protest or move.  I think Professor was the one kid who actually got good sleep in the car today.  Butterfly did not nap at all.  Pirate only napped while I had my hand on him so I spent the day in a very awkward position.  Beyond that, it was a fairly good day.

We left Kelly's this morning after a lovely breakfast of waffles and muffins and cereal.  We made good time across the state, only having to stop once for a pit stop for Butterfly.  She is loving her "magic" markers and her dry erase board.  I am also really really glad I bought some new toys to bring along because she is doing fine with those.  I also bought her a little lap table thing so she could eat on it and play on it.  It's been very handy.  I bought her and the boys some head rests so they could sleep a little more comfortably.  I bought Butterfly a different one than I bought the boys and I love hers so much more.  Links to come, just not right now.

We met up with my friend Karen for lunch.  I told Karen the wrong day and I am feeling very ashamed at myself.  Granted, I keep calling today Wednesday anyway but still.  I am SO SORRY Karen.  Forgive me?  And thanks for the pizza and dog sitting!

We went to a few church history sites today.  I'll talk about them in another post when I can actually put up pictures of all we saw.  It was beautiful.  Peaceful. 

With all that beauty and peace came grass and dirt and rocks and clover flowers to pick.  The boys were filthy.  Butterfly was no pretty picture either.  I decided that since tomorrow is our longest driving day yet, everyone needs a bath.  So, hotel bath here we come!  Butterfly was NOT happy about taking a bath with no toys.  But sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.  And let me tell you, bathing three kids by myself and getting them all ready by myself is no fun.  I miss Juice.

I am having a fine time but I am looking forward to being at my mom's house and not sitting sideways in the car for hours on end.  Mountains tomorrow!!


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  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    No forgiveness necessary! Like I said, we're here (almost) every day. It was great to see you, so thanks for swinging by our little corner of the world for a couple of hours. Hope the rest of your visit is lots of fun.


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