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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Utah Day 8


Today we had nothing scheduled. It was a weird day for us...we often have every day scheduled. We did think that Juice could paint my parents' deck today but with the weird weather and rain Utah has been getting we figured today would not be a good day for deck painting. (Good thing too because there was a huge thunderstorm this afternoon.)

We thought a movie might be something fun to do instead. We had been wanting to take Butterfly to see "Up" for awhile. What better time to take her when we have built in babysitters for the boys! Because really, movies for them are no an option until they are older. Juice's parents watched the boys this afternoon while we took Butterfly and my mom to see "Up". It's very cute but very adult in places and pretty scary at the end. At least, Butterfly told me it was kind of scary at the end. If the screaming and crawling up my arm to bury her head in my neck wasn't an indication of being scary, I don't know what is.

We spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa (thanks for a fun afternoon!) and got the most awesome grape juice from Grandma to help with our sickies. Yes, we are still sick here. Everyone has runny noses (except for me, I have a sore throat and ear pressure) and Juice seems to be coming off the worst in our little family. Sadly, my dad has pneumonia AGAIN (I think this makes 4 times in a year?) so we are trying not to spread the love.

No one got a good night's sleep last night so I'm hoping that tonight will remedy that. I'm off to bed!


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  1. Ammon and I loved UP, but we're going to wait on letting Audrey see it because of those scary parts. I'd hate to instill a fear of dogs in her at this age. But I nearly lost it with the Doberman. Loved it!


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