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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Utah Day 6


I've been in Utah for almost a week now. The time seems to be flying by. There is so much I'd like to do and see and I'm anxious to get out and do it. But the kids need time to adjust. I think Professor needs it the most. He has been cross, cranky, clingy all day today. They all have small colds (lucky us, sick AGAIN) but he is really unhappy. Poor kid.

Today my SIL Angel (married to my only sibling) and I went shopping. I don't think I've bought clothes for myself in about 2 years. My church skirt I brought along has a huge hole in the back right across my butt. So. I need something else to wear. We went out shopping today and I think I found something fairly cute. It's knee length and I never wear knee length stuff. My legs are so long I always think that I am showing an insane amount of skin. This one isn't too bad. My mom watched the boys and Butterfly and Juice spent the afternoon at his parents house. It was fun to get out with just Angel and no kids. She got a skirt too.

My mom went through her closet and was cleaning out a bunch of stuff. And hey, I fit into a bunch of stuff she was planning on giving away. So I got a few new capris and a new pair of shorts, a skirt, and a shirt. Nice! Shopping without money is always the best kind of shopping, don't you think? :)



  1. I love that kind of shopping! I need to do it soon...anyone? :)

  2. Definitely the best kind. :)

  3. I LOVE shopping without money, I think it's ElCid's favorite kind of shopping too!

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Juice and Butterfly ate peas from the garden. She was happy about that! They also went through Juice's old toys. Gma


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