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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Utah Day 9-14


It's sad.  I was trying to write every single day for a year but it just didn't happen.  Oh well...here is a catch up post.

Friday we spent the day with my grandparents and enjoyed their company and their lunch!  Thanks Nana and Grandpa!

Saturday we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house with my grandparents and my bro and sil and Cappy.  Fun but cold outside!  We also took all the kids to get their hair cut.  The first cut for the boys!  Professor screamed through the whole thing (while dripping saliva from his sucker all over the drape and getting hair plastered to his face because of it).  Professor had a bell he was focused on (the place had little cars for them to sit in) and he stood stock still.  Ah, life with twins.  Butterfly also got a trim and a princess hairdo.  They had a slide in the hair cutting place and Professor loved it so much.  He got so excited at the top bouncing on his knees.  He then pitched forward to get on his hands to go down the slide but didn't realize the edge of the slide was right there.  He bashed his head pretty good and had a huge goose egg.  I think he cried more that we were leaving the slide than the goose egg.

Sunday we spent at Juice's parents house, going to church with them and eating a ton of fruit.  I fell asleep in the mother's lounge with one of the boys.  I think I might be tired.  We also raced downtown to see my brother sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that morning.  I love to see him up there doing what he loves to do!  We also saw a good friend's drawings and were able to see our Prophet.

Monday we went hiking wth BFF Mink and her girls.  We had a great time until we had to run home so we wouldn't be caught in the thunderstorms that are happening every evening.  It has rained every day since we've been here.  Juice's BFF J came over that evening and we went for yet another hike (this time without the kids).  We also went geocaching which I always find fun.  We found one we had been looking for for over a week so I was excited.  Juice and J stayed up until 1am talking and playing Rock Band. 

Today was another day spent at my grandparents' house for me and a day spent with Juice's family for Juice.  Juice had a great time with his nephews who are visiting from Idaho...mostly because we are here and they have never met our kids.  Their youngest was a baby when we moved to Maryland so it's fun to see how grown up they all seem.

My kids decided to knock over a fake tree of my Nana's and break some glass orniments she had hanging on it for decoration.  They also decided that the orniments should be eaten!!  Ack!  I have no idea if they swallowed anything (probably) and we left soon after that.  I also got a flat in BOB's wheels from a thorn I probably picked up while hiking yesterday.  My awesome cousin S (who is 14?) fixed it for me.  I kind of miss being around my family.

I also got my hair cut today.  Yes, cut means really different.  I have bangs.  It's short.  It's seriously different.  Pictures later since I haven't taken them yet.

Cappy is spending part of the night with us and it's been fun to have all of the cousins together.  They are actually all sleeping (yes, they are asleep) in the same room.  We took some pictures of all the boys in their pjs together and it's so cute!  It has also reinforced that I'd really rather not have triplets.  My boys are running me pretty ragged these days and adding another one to the mix changings the whole dinamic.  Triplet moms are amazing.

We're off to the zoo tomorrow so I'm off to bed!



  1. I can't wait to see your haircut! Sounds like you're keeping busy!

    I thought I'd do a post every day this year, too, but I quit to have a vacation. I needed one! :)

  2. Your cousin is 14--this past April and he loves fixing things. As your dad would say, he has "the knack". I'm awfully glad you caught up your blog. I was beginning to wonder if the internet was sick at your parent's house, too.
    Aren't you glad it's only twins? Nana mentioned that you would move in with your mom if you ever had triplets. I had to laugh and say your mom would probably move in with Nana first. hee hee

  3. you got bangs again? and short? can't wait to see it!

  4. I can't wait to see the haircut! How much longer do you get to vacation for?

  5. Oh my gosh your boys are getting so big! It is so true that even hearing about getting your tire fixed made me think - yeah, isn't it nice to be around family even for the little things? I can't wait - we're going in a few weeks! Your blog is making me even more excited!

  6. You are on vaction...enjoy so you miss a day of blogging you made up for with one log blog. I wish I had enough going on in my life to blog daily. People like you are truly blessed.

  7. WOOT WOOT! I cant WAIT to see your hair cut! Thats SO awesome! I LOVE new hair styles! TAKE PICTURES! TAKE PICTURES!!!! Cuz Ill never have a chance to see it in PERSON! (Ill be gone when you get back) Glad you guys are having FUN!

  8. I am MOST looking forward to pics of you with a new do!!!


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